Podcast Episode 4- 2020 So Far: HOT or ehhh

How’s winter 2020 going for you all so far? For me…there are a few hits with more misses. Haikyuu? Mad hit! ID:Invaded? It’s a pretty solid hit. Pet? We’re not even going to talk about that. However, if you want to know what else me and my friend “COLIN with one L” are watching this season, tune in to Episode 4 of MAMMA Knows Anime! Also, tune into hear my astrology reading on Eijiro Kirishima from Boku No Hero Academia!

“You have more episodes out?” I sure do! Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss another episode! Subscription option is available once you click the 3 lines in the left hand corner!

Podcast: https://mammaknowsanime.podbean.com/

Spotify: Mamma Knows Anime

As always. Stay blessed! Stay sexy! And stay fierce my geeks! Itekimasu!

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