Zodiac Day: Eijiro Kirishima From Boku No Hero Academia

Show of hands who thinks this season of MHA is amazing?

If I don’t see every arm and finger up out there someone’s getting smacked!

My next question: Show of hands who thinks Kirishima (and Deku) should be the MVP of the MHA team?

If I don’t see hands, I’m throwing them!

I have never felt so much respect for Kirishima until this season and, to be honest, he’s probably one of my favorite characters in all of MHA now. He has heart, he has drive, he is such a kind and protective soul, and most importantly, he’s Bakugou’s man. And if Bakugou has deemed you worthy of his “ego”… then you are probably one of the most blessed, sexiest, and greatest human beings of all time!

SO! Let’s figure out what makes him so great thanks to astrology!

When I heard that they were after my buddy… I couldn’t do anything!! I didn’t do anything!! If I don’t act now… forget being a hero, I’m not even a man!

– Eijiro Kirishima

So let’s get it out of the way. Kirishima is pretty loyal to his friends and allies. And for the rest of society, he wants to protect them. He is about maintaining the balance and helping people. Think back to that flashback he had of when he wasn’t able to save those two girls from that monster when he was younger. He was caught up on that incident for weeks. Spending hours frustrated at himself that he didn’t step in. Honestly, he carried that for years until his debut as Red Riot in season 4. His calling to become a hero goes beyond the stereotypical, “I want to help people.” Yes, he wants to help people but it’s coming from a different place than say Deku, for example. Deku wants to help people and never abandon them because that purpose is in his heart. However, Kirishima wants to help people because he sees it as his duty. It’s like second nature to him.

Thanks to his respectable and outgoing personality, he finds it pretty easy to make friends even though he doesn’t think that much of himself. He is super charismatic…almost so charismatic it reminds me of a particular Air sign.

Eijiro has a specific code of chivalry. He doesn’t take well to cowards or people who play dirty. You may find him using the world “manly” a lot. Always referring to the terms “manly” or “unmanly” to describe things in people who does or doesn’t like. However, if you showcase nobility, bravery, or have a determined attitude, is literally moved to tears and is like a dog to his new owner. Not letting them out of his corner! Why do you think he’s always seen with Bakugo?

He is super sweet, dedicated, and has a very straightforward way of thinking and handling situations. He has a strong sense of responsibility and duty and is sometime pretty hard on himself (no pun intended) for any negative outcomes that happen to his friends. He is very dedicated to his friends and is willing to go the distance and even break the law to help them out. This was greatly shown in season 3, when Midoriya proposed a plan to save Bakugo from the League of Villains with the help of Iida, Yaoyoruzu, and Kirishima. Kirishima knew it was against the law for students to partake in actual missions dealing with actual villains, however, his best friend was in danger. And like he said, “When I heard that they were after my buddy… I couldn’t do anything!! I didn’t do anything!! If I don’t act now… forget being a hero, I’m not even a man!” Such a knight in shining armor! It gives me a very Leo like vibe.

So what is our favorite red-haired hero? Do you think more of an Air sign because of his charisma? Or do you think he is more fiery because of his boisterous personality?

Libra ♎

Leo Moon ♌ Taurus Rising ♉

If you guessed Air sign, you are correct!

It may not seem like it but at his core, Kirishima’s purpose in becoming a hero is rooted by a sense of responsibility and duty. For Libra, balance and duty is key! This is why Librans make great lawyers, doctors, nurses, correctional officers, and caretakers. Also, Libra are known for their charisma and magnetic charm. Kirishima for a long time has looked down on his quirk and never understood why people flocked to him as a person, but thanks to Libra, it just happened!

My favorite part about Kirishima is the Leo moon side of him. This shows his dedication, his loyalty, his passion towards his friends, and his fiery persona. This also explains why he keeps on referring to people as being “manly” or “unmanly”. Leos (especially Leo men) have this attraction to other people who can fuel their fire with more fire. People who are noble, chivalrous, strong, and, in Kirishima’s words, “manly”. Leos admire knights in shining armor and bravery! No wonder why he gets along so well with the hot headed Aries blowing out flames from his wrists! Leos are also known to be very outgoing and will go the distance for the people they care about. Just like when Eijiro went against the law in season three to save his friend!

Lastly, his Taurus rising isn’t something you pick up on right away, but after a little research and thinking, it hit me! Taurus rising is known to be reserved however you may think back to when he was growing up how he always self-deprecated his harden ability. Then after Mina was seen as a hero for saving those girls from that monster, he thought of himself as boring and dull compared to Mina. He even called himself pathetic for his inaction of the situation. HOWEVER, that was the Leo inside of him brooding with anger that he never let the lion come out to be the hero.

The Leo had always been inside of him but he was just so undeveloped that he did not know how to express that Fiery Lion and instead went with what was familiar with. Which was his Taurus Rising. As we go through childhood and even adulthood, our big 3 signs (sun, moon, rising) are consistently swapping the spotlight. At that time in his childhood, Kirishima was giving his Taurus rising all the spotlight causing to have a very serene, reserved, and slow to act presence! But after he watched that interview of his hero idol Crimson Riot, the spark was finally ignited inside and he changed the spotlight over to that Leo moon. This is why we see Leo in him more than Libra or Taurus. It’s because he is tuning into it more. But don’t get me wrong! That charasmatic Libra and holding on the past Taurus is still there. Just not as noticeable

As always it is a pleasure to talk about astrology with you! Tell your friends and mother and second cousins about the blog and the podcast so they won’t be missing out! Hope you have a fierce and awesome day! Ganbatte! Itekimasu!

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  1. tired says:

    Another nerd with a love for natal astrology!
    I think your reading is spot on for Kirishima. I would love to read more astrology readings about more MHA characters.


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