My Thoughts on Winter 2020: “…it’s okay.”

Okay seriously though! It’s not that bad…but it could be better. Winter of 2019 was phenomenal with hits such as The Promised Neverland, Rising of the Shield Hero, Mob Psycho 100 II… Do I need to continue? Kakegurui xx, Dororo, Kaguyasama. So many good options! And this winter is…just okay. I’m not racing to my tv to watch anything this winter. I’m not super amped every week for a new episode in whatever. Tbh I’ve been just watching old shows I haven’t got a chance to watch yet such as The Saga of Tanya the Evil (yes I know I’m late), finishing March Comes in Like A Lion, finally getting to Dr. Stone. However, that does not mean I am not interested in any shows this season. There are a few that have caught my attention. And I could be wrong! Some of the anime on this list may get even better!

But for right now here are my top recommendations for Winter 2020:

1. Darwin’s Game

Absolutely at the top of my list.

The series I am most excited for is Darwin’s Game. Which is weird because when I saw the PV I was like, “Oh, great. Another Future Diary.” Yes, the main character is a boy who ends up being wound into this battle to the death via cell phone and is aided by a cute girl, BUT the creators go about the story in a slightly different way. Granted, this is early in the season so that dynamic may change.

One night, a young high schooler was being hunted down by a madmen in a panda suit. He sent out a notification to his friend for help, however, the help never arrived. The next day, protagonist, Kaname Sudo opened the notification from his friend directing him to an invitation to play Darwin’s Game. Seeing it as a joke, Kaname accepted the invitation and has been officially registered as a player in a real life game of survival. And that’s literally what the game is. SURVIVAL. Where it’s different from Future Diary is that in Future Diary there are 12 people registered in the game and whoever wins is granted to power of God. In Darwin’s Game, so far there is no way of winning. Just surviving and killing. However, whenever you succeed in a match you are granted huge rewards. Also, a big difference in this series is that every player is granted a special ability called a “Sigil”. It could be invisibility, conjuring flames creation, etc.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this will turn out! The urgency is definitely there and the stakes are definitely high!

2. Saiki K: Reawakaned

Will stay loyal until the end!

I am so glad they brought this series back with another season. You don’t understand how much I laugh every time I watch Saiki K. Literally the comedic timing and dry humor from Kusuo is unbearable!

Also for this season they added in two new characters who are just out of this world. Even the narrator of the episode stated, “Previously on Saiki K. The students welcomed in a new transfer. But because normal transfers are not allowed in Saiki K, we meet Hii Suzumiya, a girl who is always followed by tragedy and is severly unlucky.” Yeah, it’s very dry, frank humor. As stated before one of the new characters is a transfer student who is very unlucky and brings misfortune to all those around her. I mean on her first day, she got hit by a hearse, got Kaido struck by lightning, had Kaidou step in poo, sneezed so hard she fell and almost got her head cut off by a guy who randomly brought a scythe to school…Like obviously is unlucky. The other character is a teacher actually who they call Mr. Pervert because he has the face of a perv. It’s so bad but actually pretty funny.

One reservation I have towards this series is that because it’s “owned” by Netflix, they cut out the OP! Like NANI?! Like how do you cut the OP in a Japanese anime? That is tradition! Cutting out the OP in anime is like cutting out the overly pervy men in any animated Japanese media. To make matters worse: there’s not even an ending song! They Americanized it to having rolling credits and a black background… No aesthetic!

Nonetheless, the humor in this series is always raw and some of the best anime humor you will find.

3. ID: Invaded

I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

I walked into this series with very little knowledge given the vague PV. I didn’t know what I was expecting but I did know the world was floating and trippy. Then I saw episode 1…PSHHEWWW! Mind absolutely blown! The animation of the whole well/ world was phenomenal. The story had motivation. The characters were interesting. And then episode 2 rolled around… And it was like the energy faded slightly. The animation that we had in episode 2 was nowhere near as captivating as episode 1. It was unique. Especially jumping into a different well/mind. But I felt the energy flopped a little bit. Episode 3 rolls around and I feel the energy fall even more. I will say episode 3 did show us more of a dark and manipulative side to our protagonist latent criminal/detective, Sakaido. We learned the grisly faith of his daughter and we saw his hypnotic-like power that can drive someone to suicide. It gave us the impression that we are about to dive deeper into what drove him off the edge and why he’s locked up. I’m hoping the energy picks up from here.

This definitely has some Psycho Pass vibes to it.

Detective Sakaido is said to be one of the most genius detectives and can track down any criminal. However, the murder of his daughter landed him on the other side of the law. Just because he’s in prison doesn’t mean he’s off the field. Forcibly aiding the police force in solving mysteries, he is launched into a system that invades a person’s identity called a “well”. The steps may be small, but little by little each well he jumps into leaves a trail of blood leading him to the murderer of his daughter.

4. In/Spectre

Too early to say yay or nay but it could be promising. I don’t see it being the next Kimetsu No Yaiba but I see it at a solid Blue Exorcist level.

This series is definitely intriguing. Especially given the first 10 minutes of the series where the protagonist, Kotoko Iwanaga, confessed her feelings of love in the most confident, straightforward way in anime history to Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22 year old University student who has just broken up with his girlfriend. And Iwanaga definitely pointed that out. However, the boy is so down on himself he had to decline her offer.

This series follows the story of Iwanaga who was abducted by yokai one day and deemed her as their God of Wisdom, so now anytime the Spirit World has a problem, they run to her. So she’s just like the avatar…minus all of the bending. Meanwhile, as much Iwanaga is in love with Kurou she notices there is something different about him. With his knowledge and “gift”, she asks for his help in solving the various issues presented by the supernatural, all while hoping her newfound partner in crying will reciprocate her feelings.

I’m pretty excited to see where this goes. It seems like fun one for the cold, snowy days ALSO, like is it me or are anime boys getting slightly cuter every year?!

Like seriously?! Look at that face and those dark eyes

The Darwin’s Game boys I was like, “Damn those eyes and jaw line. Now I’m looking at Sakuragawa like “Gimme that face!” Kinda reminds me of Eiji from Banana Fish but less innocent.

5. A Certain Scientific Railgun T

It’s surprisingly good, but pretty surface level.

Granted I still don’t know what this series is really about, but I will say it’s quite entertaining. And seeing the different powers used by the espers in this series is pretty stellar. I gotta feeling we will get some good friendly action out of this series.

This season of the Railgun series piggy backs off the second season where Third Ranked Level 5 esper, Misaka Mikoto, is cloned in an attempt to produce the first Level 6 esper. For those of you who don’t know, Level 5 is esper is recorded as the highest level of skill you can attain and there are only 7 people in Academy City who are at that level. I honestly don’t know what is supposed to happen this season and don’t see any summaries on it any where I look but so far the Level 5 espers all have been invited to play in a sports game.

I’m pretty sure there’s an urgent purpose as to why…I just don’t know yet.

6. Pet

Honestly, I’m just waiting for an excuse to drop it.

The plot is very Parasyte like! I was promoting this anime so much before it premiered! Then on premiere day, I was disappointed. It felt as if the creators were trying a little too hard with the character developments. Also I feel like there are still some holes that were left for dramatic effect but wasn’t executed fluently.

There are people in this series who get into the minds of others and control them. This can be used for manipulation, assassination, trade, everything! However this can backfire and eat up ones own heart. You see organizations who are controlling and killing people using this power to carry out their biddings such as drug smuggling, evading police, and eliminating there enemies!

See this sounds like an awesome plot but truth be told the story isn’t solid enough. It’s like events are just happening. Things are just forced.

What I Have Not Watched Yet!


Honestly, I’m the most pumped for this series but I don’t think it’s even available yet in the States! But the second I see it, in jumping on that!

Somali and the Forest Spirit

This is on my list, however, I’ve been told not to expect highly from it. But it looks so cute and wholesome!

Haikyu! To the Top

I’ve heard nothing but great things, however, I still need to finish seasons 1,2,& 3 before I can have a valid opinion.

I don’t know! There is just something about sports anime that just bores me. It’s just there’s not enough urgency in the plot line for me. YURI!!! On Ice is different! It’s cute, funny, and I love to watch figure skating (partially because I was in ballet for 7 years). But all the other sports anime…I just have not been able to get into. Free! is different because it’s drama between guys in a swim club who are obviously f*cking each other. And one is always jealous of the other bc the other person has feelings for another swimmer associated with the club. And I find it so entertaining how it drives them to win these swimming competitions. Fight me! I’m ready!


You need more proof?

And What?!

What are some of your favorites this winter if you have any? Hope this was a good guide for all you wandering weebs out there trying to figure out what to watch while the snow is out.

Until next time. Stay fierce! Itekimasu!

Just in case you didn’t believe me.

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