My Real Thoughts On Lemillion…


*Spoliers Ahead

For those of who have watched the most recent episode of MHA, you probably know why I am making this post. In the latest episode (“Lemillion”), we were given a full episode of the rescue mission from the point of view from our smiling hero. Just like what was done following the POV from Kirishima, we get to see a lot more of Lemillion’s true character, his purpose as a hero, and a glimpse of his past.

After watching the latest episode of MHA, I can fully say… I CRIED and am on the Crunchyroll website to purchase a Lemillion figure!! Holy Hell on ice that episode gave me chills!

Togata (aka Lemillion) is a man of honor! He arrived onto the scene ready to place his life on the line for Eri. Overhaul was tough. He quickly disassembled and restored all of the ground around him. Admitting that he doesn’t care if Eri’s body is torn to shreds because he can just rebuild her.

You better not get in Togata’s way once he’s fired up! He had to think two steps ahead of Chisaki and his other opponents! One had a gun filled with bullets that would permanently annihilate his quirk, the other had the ability to disorient him, and the other one had the ability to break down and restore anything! Togata permeated through every wall and ceiling and floor to dodge those bullets. The scariest part was (and I swear I saw this coming) was when he was hit by the bullet. In that moment, all I could say was, “and this is why Deku was given Almight’s power.” BUT NO! Lemillion is super intelligent! Upon this moment he had a flashback with him and who we believe is his father. His father mentioned something weird about Togata’s quirk. “With our quirks, with one wrong step you could split into two.” AND GUESS WHAT?! He split into two having Chisaki like, “What?” Another villain saying, “That bullet should have gotten rid of his invincible powers. He should have the shackles of not being able to hurt Eri. Who is he?” And put Overhaul in his place. Until of course he was pierced in the leg and abdomen by spikes.

But what has impressed me most about our hero was his ability to instinctively put his life on the line to save Eri. We all saw the bullet coming before the gun was even shot. We knew he was going to get and it put us on the edge of our seats. But when when that quirk deleting bullet went for Eri, we knew he was going to jump in front of it to save her. However, in that moment, he said, “I won’t let you suffer anymore.” And smiled as he jumped in front of the bullet to save her.

This was such a small nuance but it described his character out of any other scene in the series. It shows us that he prioritized saving this girl’s life over being able to use his quirk again. He willingly sacrificed his gift and even his life to save this one girl. And notice he was sweating in this picture as well. He was nervous! He was terrified of the result of his decision, BUT HE WORE THAT SMILE TO SHOW ERI THAT HE WOULD NOT REGRET HIS DECISION!

This episode gave me a lot of respect for Togata. Granted I already respected him beforehand but, just like the Red Riot episode highlighting Kirishima, it gave us more depth on this character that honestly is having me look at fanfic now.

I cannot wait to what is in store for the remaining of the battle now that Midoriya has finally joined in on the action! Cannot wait to see what boundaries Midoriya breaks within himself and what Oscar award winning speech he will give on how he will never give up! Super stoked for this season!

Stay tuned for my next podcast where I will be going over some more MHA content but in full discussion with some other otaku! Until then….stay fierce. And enjoy this GIF of Togata losing his clothes!

Did it just get hot in here or is Midoriya probably having his second man crush??

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