Zodiac Day: Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

What’s up my kings and queens. If you haven’t noticed, I have been doing a lot of MHA material lately. That’s simply because this new season is FIRE! And in honor of this hot new season, I will have all of my Zodiac Days featuring characters from My Hero Academia until the end of the season!

So for the next round of the Zodiac Days, we have our all time favorite “zero to hero in no time flat”, Deku!!

So we all know and love Deku. From the very beginning, he was shy, he talked quietly, he didn’t attention really drawn onto himself, however, there were two things that set him apart from the rest of the crowd. 1.) He had big dreams. Dreams of being accepted into UA High, the elite hero academy whose alumni are some of the highest ranking heroes in the world. Dreams of becoming the next big hero like his idol, Almight, the number one pro hero to exist! Even though he was quirkless and stood no chance in a fight against some of his peers, he still held onto that aspiration. 2.) He had an even bigger heart. Even before he inherited Almight’s quirk, Midoriya had the drive to protect people. Whether he knew them or not, Deku never could sit on the side while someone was in trouble. As Almight always says, “his feet move before he even thinks what to do. That is what makes him a true hero.”

He has shown potential throughout the series and continues to grow stronger and stronger all while still holding onto that motherly heart. In the most recent season, we have a new antagonist who we learned does cruel things to his very young daughter. One day, Deku ran into this girl while out on a mission. She looked terrified and was hesitant to speak. However, the father finds her with our hero and the girl froze in fear. Deku knew something wasn’t right, so he immediately took the girl, embraced her, and asked the antagonist, “what are you doing to this girl? Why is she scared?” Adamant on not letting her go and driven to protect her, Deku was ready to fight this villain! He did NOT care about how powerful this villain may be. All that came to his mind was, “I am not letting her go until I know she’s safe.” Later on in the season, we find out the truth behind the villain’s evil ways with his daughter, and that fires our hero up even more and drives him to stop at nothing to save this girl.

Another character trait Deku has, is that he is very sensitive. He is pretty prone to get heart broken if things don’t go his way. Such as the training he has done with Almight, his training at UA, even finding out about Almight’s fate. However, he always finds a way to take the reality and march on! He never loses hope. There may be moments he wants to give up, but Midoriya is very resilient! The best example of this would be when he learned at a young age, he wasn’t going to develop a quirk. He was SOOOOOOO HEARTBROKEN! He went home and binged all of the videos of Almight saving civilians and asked his mom, “I can still be a hero like Almight, right Mom?” He still held onto his dream of becoming a pro hero. Most people just thought he was still in denial. But not our pro-hero Almight! When he discovered why Deku wanted to be a hero, Almight saw this as drive! Having the heart to want to protect people and still do it without a quirk requires the resilience!

So what does all this result to?

Cancer ♋

Aquarius Moon♒ Pisces Rising♓

Midoriya definitely has the heart of a Cancer! He is kind, sweet, sensitive, and most of all nurturing. Cancers are very nuturing beings who want to protect those close to him. However, the reason why Midoriya wants to protect everyone is because of his Aquarius Moon. He is for justice and equality just like an Aquarius. Aquarius are typically known to be unpredictable but all of that water (Pisces and Cancer) really mellows him out. Cancers are also very empathetic. Probably the most empathetic sign out of all the others! Deku HAS A LOT OF EMPATHY. I don’t know if you remember that kid who kicked Deku when he first him!? He straight up said he hated Deku because he wanted to be a hero… yeah that brat! Most people would act like Kacchan and unleash the flood gates from Hell on that child! But Deku shared so much empathy and knew there was a reason why that boy acted like that. He felt empathy for him, even though he hated heroes. And guess what? He still protected him just like a Cancer to the very end and sacrificed his own life to save his!

Where does the Pisces come into play? Pisces are dreamers! They are stuck in the world of dreams, illusions, and fantasies, and are always wanting to do big things with their lives! No matter how many people don’t believe in them, they are always dreaming. That is Deku! No matter how many people told him he was never going to be a hero because he was quirkless, he still marched on with that dream! Thankfully that Cancer is his core because Cancers have the energy to pursue. Whereas Pisces a lot of times don’t. They have huge imaginations and have great ideas but the problem with Pisces is often getting down from dream world and actually pursuing those dreams.

What does this mean for Deku?

Deku already has a bright future ahead of him and is going to go super far because of his Cancerean heart and Pisces mind. I encourage Deku to keep all of that up because that is what separates him from the crowd. Not logic, but heart. Everyone else, Todoroki, Uraraka, Bakugou, Lemillion, and so many others use logic as heroes, whereas Midoriya jumps pass logic and thinks “how can I help this person.” The challenge with that is he may end up getting into a fight with a villain that surpasses his strength.

Back to that new antagonist and his daughter. Deku was ready to fight this villain not even thinking how strong he could have been. He used his heart to make the call for judgment, but Deku could have easily gotten his ass kicked if it wasn’t for Lemillion’s logic telling him, “Dude, we don’t know how powerful he is or what we are walking into.” It’s obvious both of these pupils take after their teachers. Sir Nighteye only fought the battle with logic whereas Almight acted out on his heart. It’s a hard call because I want to challenge Deku into thinking before he acts but if he did that then he wouldn’t be the next Symbol of Hope. The Symbol of Hope is supposed to jump in without thinking about the outcome. They do not wait for further information. They do not wait for backup! They do it to save people even if it means to sacrifice their own life! So Midoriya… keep doing you! You’ll be great!

One Comment Add yours

  1. tired says:

    Thanks for your astrogy reading about Deku!
    I can see the pisces rising and love how piscean/neptunian/maybe even 12th house themes come up to the surface in his life when you think about it. Deku is even explained as “plain looking” in the series, and Pisces rising or neptune in 1st house can make you appear almost invisible and not stand out physically.
    But an Aquarius moon would make him too detached, independent and aloof. I think he may be a Virgo or Leo Moon. At least he’d have some placements in Leo and Virgo.
    (Cancer sun and Aquarius Moon would actually be my guess for Shinso. There’s this site with Sun-Moon combinations which describes this combo and it fits so perfectly for Shinso, lmao!)


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