12 Things I Learned From YURI!!! On Ice


I don’t know about you but after rewatching YURI!!! On Ice, I have learned some very important life lessons that I must share with you. I honestly think they will help you in all the problems you face in your life. Especially in achieving you dreams or the man of your dreams.

1) I should always accept offers from strangers who are naked in my home and not question how the hell they found out where I live.

Yuri’s life immensely changed the minute Victor showed up at his door. Pushing him beyond his typical boundaries and forcing him to believe in himself. And it all started with a simple, “I’m going to be your couch! Whether you like it or not. And thank you for having this fountain conveniently placed in front of my crotch.”

2) Celebrity dream crushes really do come true! All I have to do is ask!

Even though he was pretty drunk, it is obvious that if Yuri had never confessed to Victor how much he admired him and wanted him as his coach, this story would have never happened. That one fateful night was what sparked Victor’s interest in Yuri as a skater and as a potential lover. I can bet money that after that drunken encounter Victor started watching Yuri a lot more as a skater. You saw in the first episode. When Victor offered Yuri to take a picture with him but Yuri denied him in shame, Victor had this look of concern on his face. And then when that video of Yuri performing Victor’s set leaked onto the web, Victor was sitting in his home gathering ideas of what he should do. He was inspired.

3) A little sweat and ballet never killed nobody.

Yuri did have a great ballet teacher but at the end of the day…YOU CANNOT BEAT THE RUSSIANS WHEN IT COMES TO BALLET! Yuri Plisetsky had the aid of Russian prima ballerina, Lilia Baranovskaya, to whip his body into shape for the Grand Prix Finals and it paid off! There was sweat, there was pain, there were beatings but he came out on top for it

4) If I want to be sexy I must channel my inner pork cutlet bowl.

“I’m a pork cutlet bowl fatale that enthralls men”… Need I say more? Yuri infinitely multiplied the already sexy Eros performance by sheer imagination that he is a delicious bowl of meat that is sitting in Victor’s mouth. Yeah… the writers weren’t trying to make Yuri flamingly gay at all! Hey, this is where his inner Sagittarius comes out!

5) I can lose massive weight in a matter of days but gain it all back in minutes if I stick with Yuri’s workout routine and diet.

I wanna know! Did anyone else notice his various weights and sizes in the course of episode 1?! Like how you gonna go from belly sticking out in one scene to slimming down in a matter of seconds to do an ice skating scene. And that’s all in episode one!

6) At every convention, SOMEONE will sing the OP for karaoke!

Ahh! The woodwinds and fanfare like percussion followed by Dean Fujioka’s, “Can you hear my heartbeat?”, will never leave our memories. Yes it sounds like the start of a Disney film at first, however, it is the staple of the YURI!!! On Ice fan base. You can’t help wanting to achieve your dreams and make history when you hear this song or dance to the beat of our skaters in the OP. It’s so wholesome! Also, it’s in all English so it makes it a SUPER easy karaoke song. And then you have the ending OP, “You Only Live Once” that unfortunately is not as sing-able but definitely carries the cute, wholesome, “have fun and live life” vibe YURI!!! On Ice was meant to display.

7) All you need are a few drinks and a flaming Swiss man to have a full pole dance routine and LOOK AWESOME without ever taking classes.

I personally don’t have any fear of getting onstage and dancing BUT after seeing this scene I realized the ingredient I have been missing in my dancing dish was a FLEXIBLE SWISS MAN! First of all, there was NO MENTION of pole experience. They were secretly taking a class together behind our back JUST for this moment! THEY HAVE BEEN WAITING TO BREAK THESE SKILLS OUT! Or a full bottle of champagne just makes you acquire the dance skills of Cardi B!

8) Bitches come after you whenever the hottest man on the planet is yours.

We have seen this in cases such as Brad and Angelina, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Yuki Sohma and Tohru Honda, but imagine the whole world coming after you. Women and men were so jealous of Yuri because Victor obviously kissed him on international television!! And skaters were out for blood with the knowledge that Victor left ice skating to coach someone like Yuri. People took that so personally! Everyone wanted their shot in beating the best male figure skater in the world but they couldn’t do that now that he is a coach. And it added intense pressure on our poor Yuri. He even started crying to Victor in a parking lot because he was afraid of failing and making Victor regret his whole decision of leaving the competitive world for him.

9) Canada loves their pop icons! Especially if they have a pretty smile and a cheesy hand gesture to go with their names.

Oh my God! I see it now! Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, Drake… apparently the only way to a Canadian’s heart is by having a pretty smile and maybe a hand sign to your name. JJ’s fans will support him even after his career. Probably even after his body is in the ground. After his huge failure in the finals, his fans still cheered him on by singing one of his songs live right after his fall from grace bringing our pop icon/pro figure skater to tears and giving us the infamous “JJ” smile!

10) Eating food from your home country can inspire you to win an international figure skating medal.

As unbelievable as if sounds, all Yuri Plitsetsky had to do was eat a special pirozhki, the epitome of Russian street food, and next thing you know he found the purpose he needed for skating ,which, in the end, won him the gold!

11) I know what sex on ice looks like…

Need I say more?

12) “Love” will conquer all!

Though facing heavy judgment, criticism, and fierce competition from every skater around him, Love gave Yuri the power to advance! To aspire for the gold and win Victor’s love. If it wasn’t for the love and motivation Victor showed Yuri, he never would have grown as exponentially as he did in the series. Mentally and physically. The love he had for Victor pushed him to tone his body back, pushed him to get out of his comfort zone and think, “how can I make this routine sexy? I have an idea! Let me step into the woman’s shoes and be the femme fatale”, pushed him to go to Minako for those late night dance lessons, drove him to exceed beyond his physical limit so he can do all of those complicated steps, allowed him to eventually block out all of they naysayers and the media, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the love Yuri had for Victor allowed him to eventually get out of his own head and say… “I am wort this!”

It’s amazing how much love can allow someone to want to change. Because they want that other person to stay in their lives. They don’t want to lose them, and that definitely was how our Yuri Katsuki felt for Victor.

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  1. Your post was pretty funny, but I’ve seen a character that manages to gain and lose weight faster than Yuri (K.) does and that’s Araki from Area no Kishi. Just when you think you have the slim version of Araki back enough to relax and enjoy the eye candy the show offers, the next episode he’ll be back to his more rotund self…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mamma says:

      No kidding! That is hilarious! I’ve looked into it and it looks pretty “various”. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Liked by 1 person

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