Red Riot Unbreakable! The Story is Really Cooking

Last week, we were graced with Red Riot’s (aka Kirishima) as a hero and man did he make an entrance. I am not going to lie. I never personally like Kirishima as a character. We were never given enough depth to love him. All we knew was that he had mad hardening abilities and apparently a boy crush on Kacchan. However, this last episode started to peel away some layers off of Kirishima’s “hardened exterior”.

First of all, we had the chance to witness the ultimate badassery that Kirishima was able to achieve with his “Red Riot Unbreakable” form. A form that allows him to harden his body 10x harder than normal and look super wicked, however, he is only able to hold onto this form for 30-40 seconds. Which was all the time he needed to defeat his opponent in the latest episode. He unlocked this ability thanks to the memory of encouraging words from Almight that echoed throughout his head ringing, “Charge head on!” And also thanks to his soulmate and partner in crime, Bakugou, for quoting Kirishima HIS OWN WORDS! “Didn’t you say you are a horse that will not waver”. After recollecting all of these memories of empowerment, he quickly realized, “I can’t just roll over. The only way to be a damn good hero is to go Plus Ultra!” This allows him to push past his mediocre hardening limit and really add the armor multiplying his hardening ability ten fold and allowing him to pull out his new special move: RED GUN TURRET!

Interesting enough, after we see this new power unveil, we get a little flashback to Young Kirishima. A Kirishima who wanted to save a pair of girls from his school but froze up and didn’t do a thing. I think things will be different now considering the fact that once the battle was over, the bystanders were cheering for him and proclaiming they will never forget his heroic deed AND the fact that Red Riot is all over the media. I really enjoyed seeing more to Kirishima in this episode and seeing that personal growth in him. I guess I have to admit…I am now a KiriBaku fan.

My Thoughts on Season 4, So Far…

This next season of my MHA is heavy and I love it! We are getting more juice. We are getting more depth. And we are getting a lot more real with the stories. Instead of making it seem there are a League of Villains out there who are just stirring up trouble, as if this was Teen Titans, we are actually seeing villains do what they do best… EVIL! Villains in the real world don’t just hide in the shadows and wait to take over the world. NO! They kill whoever is in their way. They abuse and torture who they want to get the information they need. That is what we need in villains and we are getting that! MHA is getting real! After watching the first episode of season four and witnessing the bloodbath of the villains, I was like, “Whoa this sh*t got dark REAL QUICK!”

Also, we are getting into the unsteady relationships between the characters in the show such as Almight and Sir Nighteye. We are actually getting to see human qualities in them that make them relatable. Also, we are getting played on the heartstrings with the foreseen death of a particular hero!

Like everyone… this is getting real and it is going to tear us apart by the end of the season!

A lot of people are against the dark route that MHA is going however if you follow the manga, it goes down an even darker route…and keeps getting darker. I am so excited but also mentally preparing myself for what’s to come. Right now, we are about to get into the juice of the arc. The explanation of who is Eri. Why is she so scared of her father? What happened to her mother that we see suddenly disappear during the ending credits? Will we continue to get more depth the rest of our non Deku, Almight, Bakugo, and Todoroki characters?

I am 100% excited for what’s to come and know it will be what this show needed this whole time… REAL!

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  1. Lynn says:

    The darker route is absolutely what this series needed and I can’t wait to see this arc play out. I just want it to pick up the pace so we can get to the main event…

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