Podcast Episode Is Live and Running!

Hey there! I am excited to announce that my podcast is finally up and running!

As mentioned in the last post, there is a lot of things in store and the podcast is only one of them.

I have released the first episode and all you have to do to listen to it is click the play button in the player above!

I host the first MOST BADASS DEMON IN ANIME TOURNAMENT!! Where I debate who is the most badass demon in anime of all time but I use a tournament style fight to find out who is truly the strongest demon there is. I also cover an anime throwback called 91 Days and why I recommend it (I just finished and all I can say is DAMN it’s good), and, of course, I have to have my Zodiac Wednesday for the one the only, Katsuki Bakugo from Boku No Hero Academia!

I have many more things in store for the podcast and the blog including 18+ games, rants, guests, and so much more anime awesomeness!

Again, all you have to do is click the player above to listen to the first episode, or you can click the Podcasts tab on my homepage to be navigated from there.

Hope you like it! Subscribe to the podcast so you won’t have to miss an episode and give some feedback if you have any thoughts or comments!

Stay fierce, stay awesome, and do what you do and listen to nobody else but you! Itekimasu!

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