New Things In Store: You Can Now Call Me Mamma!

Welcome to Mamma Knows Anime!

Don’t worry. This isn’t some weird takeover. It’s just me with some exciting announcements!

So for those of you who have been following may or may not have noticed that I have been off my posting game. Well, first off!

Deepest apologies but there was a reason why I did this!

For the past three months I have been travelling the world and when I returned to the US, I moved across the country. Yeah… A lot has happened. But along the way I have been given inspiration and the peace of mind to finally do and what I have been planning with my anime brand for a while. Now, I’m commencing Operation:MAMMA IS IN THE HOUSE!

My emcee name is Mamma. My friends called me Mamma. And Trust the Gaijin is a catchy title however, the name, Mamma Knows Anime, is something that feels more me. So I 1.) have renamed the blog.

As we all know. Mamma’s gotta clean the messes the kids made. That being said 2.) I cleaned up the site with a nice logo of what I look like in the flesh and a new design for the blog.

And now that I am finally settled into my new apartment in Minneapolis, MN, I can say…3.) Bitch got her own podcast now. Yes! That’s right I have created my own podcast domain and will bring episodes to your closest podcast streaming service VERY soon. So you can be notified when the first episode is you can go to Podbean and type in Mamma Knows Anime and click to subscribe or you can click the “Podcasts” tab on the top of the page and follow me via that link. I will still keep bringing to you the content that I have now and more. Such as Most Badass _______ Showdown Tournaments, 18+ Games, Rants, Recommendations on new and old anime, my staple Zodiac Wednesdays, & More so stay tuned for that!

I am at the point in my life where I want to start doing what I love. I still am doing music as we talked about earlier and pursuing that with full force. Just started working on a pretty dope song yesterday and I am stoked about that. BUT I also want to sit here and geek out with you all about anime as much as possible. I love it. I love you all and this community for being so supportive of me even though I am not always posting twice a day like some of you WordPress Godesses out there. So let’s continue crying over the ending of Banana Fish and try to understand what in the hell is going on in the Fate Sagas together!

I still have so many more things in store but I can’t give everything out right now but just be aware, Mamma Is In The House and she’s about to take care of your anime needs!

Until next time! Take care and stay awesome! Itekimasu!

And remember to always go above 9,000!

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