Zodiac Wednesday: Katsuki Bakugou from Boku No Hero Academia

Did anyone watch that and just think… Damn! Why is everyone so angry?

What’s up everyone? I’m back for another Zodiac Wednesday and this week we will be covering a fan favorite. You guessed it! Our favorite fire wielder, Katsuki Bakugou from Boku No Hero Academia.

So it’s safe to say Bakugo is known well for his fiery temper. Shoot! Did I already give away the verdict! In the beginning, Kacchan was not a very likeable person. He was very arrogant, rude, aggressive, and had a temper so short he would rage the room if you breathed the wrong way. Some could say he was more villainous than a hero. However, throughout the course of the series and having several tastes of humble pie, he learned he wasn’t the top dog like he was growing up. That there are plenty of other people who are as strong if not stronger than him. Seeing characters such as Shoto Todoroki and even the kid he bullied for years, Izuku Midoriya, scale to the top of the class and surpassing him really calmed him down a bit. But don’t get me wrong… he’s still a firecracker always going off. (Wow! I keep on giving away hints.)
Despite his brute strength and aggressive nature, our boy is a genius. He is very perceptive and a great tactician in battle. His focus and will-power at becoming the best hero is so strong it’s SCARY. Not only that but he is a great strategist and holds some of the highest grades in his class.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look back at the USJ Incident when the villains attacked the students during training. Bakugo took on Kurogiri, an immensely powerful villain with the quirk of “Warp Gate” (the ability to his black fog body as a portal to transport anything or anywhere into a nearby location). And he was able to overpower and immobilize him pretty easily. Meanwhile, everyone else was like, “Oh my God! How do we defeat him if we can’t touch him?” Not Bakugo. He quickly realized that metal plate around Kurogiri’s neck had to protect something. His body! He realized that black fog was just coming from his body and not actually apart of his physical body.

I don’t even think I can count how many times Bakugo has “broke the hero code” and used his powers in public to intimidate someone or show off. That’s something else about Bakugo you can’t forget. He wants to intimidate people so they can know he is top dog. He aspires to be just like All-Might but in a very different way than Midoriya. He believes that becoming a hero is all about the drive and strength you possess and it is important to always take out anyone who is competition. Not really how All-Might would about things. Wouldn’t you say? His ego and superiority complex definitely gets in the way of being the symbol of peace like All-Might.

However, I do admire his blunt honesty. Whenever 1-A’s rival class was ganging up on their door trying to intimidate them, Bakugo just shoved them to the side and said, “These people don’t matter. All that matters is that I beat them.” Okay….mad respect to Bakugo for dropping the ultimate flex in the series. Just being like, “you bitches are not worth my time. Bye!” MY BOY! As harsh as it sounds, he honestly has a point. He doesn’t have time to worry about petty BS like this class trying to intimidate him. He has a goal in mind that he wants to achieve, and he is going to take out anyone that stands in the way of that. Was it blunt? Yes. But was it true? Hell yes!

So what have we learned here? He is ambitious, he’s smart, he can be very aggressive about how he goes about getting what he wants to where it is intimidating, he is a bit of a show off (okay a LOT of a show off), he is very blunt to where it hurts, and he is a great strategist. I’m not even going to narrow the choices down. It’s pretty simple what we are working with.

And My Zodiac Verdict Is…


Sagittarius Moon♐ Scorpio Rising ♏

If you know a bit about Astrology, you’d know this NOT a combination to f*ck with!

Sun: Bakugo is a true Aries at heart. Being ruled by the Ram, Aries charge straight into situations head first without any fear! Aries are known to be very blunt and have a very aggressive nature. They are assertive and THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. They may jump around in their taste a little bit BUT when they put their minds to something, they go for it! And that is Bakugo! He has an aspiration to become the number one hero and will take out anyone who stands in his way! Now, don’t think Aries are all bark and no bite. Oh no! Being ruled by the God Mars gives them all the roar and the claws to come with it. Aries hold nothing back and are known to dive head first into a situation, however, they are smart about it. Just like Bakugo, Aries is fire so they are quick to move like fire and can develop a strategy in a matter of seconds. You do have to realize Aries is lierally Ares, the God of War. Who was very brute, honest, a master war strategist and a superior warrior.

Moon: Moon in Sagittarius gives Bakugo the need for freedom. To do what he wants when he wants and how he wants it done. Sagittarius don’t live in borders. If you confine them they rebel. Also Sagittarius Moon gives him a lot of intense energy. Aries Sun is already in your face but adding Sag Moon makes him even more lively. Also, Sag Moon live for the truth. One thing you’ll notice about Bakugo is that he doesn’t lie. He is always brutally honest and lives for what he believes is true to him. Now, if you know about Astrology, you also know Sag Moon generally means optimistic and happy about life, however, I personally think in his natal chart that he has a planetary aspect that throws that off. Sag Moon also gives Bakugo the need to push past his limits. Sagittarius Moon natives like to excel above the competition and even more so, themselves. They get a thrill from conquest and get excited about the win. Hey! This may be the reason why Bakugo intimidates the sh*t out of people. Sag Moon gives him the thrill of winning, meanwhile Aries over here, gives him the very passionate and intimidating aggression, bluntness, and superiority complex. When you combine those you get a very egotistical, hot headed, competitive individual. *cough* Bakugo *cough*

Rising: Scorpio Rising? No wonder why he is so intense! Scorpio Rising natives are known to have intense energy. Whether it be they have an intense look or a very “I am here” energy, it is an energy that people often do not know how to take. Which is where it gets tricky because Scorpio Rising is known to be very attractive but people don’t know how to take them. They almost give off the “look but don’t touch” vibe without really trying to do that.

What do you think about Bakugou’s reading? Accurate? Let me know what you think in the comments below so we can chat it up. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please follow me so will never have to miss another post again.

Take care and stay awesome everyone! Itekimasu!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Paula says:

    I have Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon and Scorpio rising


  2. Valkyr says:

    Damn, if it’s as you say then it explains why I identify so much with him, specially as I was during my teenage years. I’m also an aries sun and sagittarius moon, with an aries stellium, yet I have gemini as rising.


  3. Michelle says:

    This is awesome! Finally found someone who does an in-depth astrological analysis of my favorite BNHA characters. DO you think you could do Aizawa and Shinsou?


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