“The Rising of the Shield Hero” set to become Live-Action Stage Play

If you’re going to be in Japan in Spring 2020, then you might want to add this to your To-Do list, my fellow Otaku!

Hello to my kings, queens, and those in between! You read it right! One of this year’s most popular anime, Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari aka The Rising of the Shield Hero will be hitting the stage at the start of next spring. You can now witness the adventure of Naofumi, in person, as he climbs to success, works hard to regain his honor, and end the tyranny of the King and his daughter, Bitch, who made his life a living hell. All while still saving the world of Melromarc.

Production company Scissor Blitz announced that the anime turned stage play will open in Osaka in March and make its final stop in Tokyo at the Theater Sun-mall in April. And then you can enjoy two months of a crowded hell because of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

A Dramatization of the Tokyo Subway Next Summer

Of course, Japan has already premiered dozens of anime adapted stage plays such as Naruto and Boku No Hero Academia so the fact that we are seeing this as a stage play tells you something… Rising of the Shield Hero actually was pretty lit!

Now, I know there was a lot harsh criticism going on because the writers had the main character, Naofumi, framed for a horrid crime (that I shall not say) he did not commit, and everyone got aboard the #metoo campaign and thought it went too far. Trust me, I understand. However, that should show you how vile and disgusting the character who framed him was! That she would lie and say that Naofumi did THAT to her. Also, take a look at the overall theme of the story and the literal struggle Naofumi went through to survive. When you look at all of that, is actually a very well put together story.

What I enjoyed most about Naofumi from The Rising of the Shield Hero was that instead of focusing on “how can I clear my name?”, he focused on “how can I serve the people?” He didn’t care really about clearing his name. He wanted to forge his own path and just live to help the people. Which is why he is such an Aquarius Moon. (Yes, I am bringing astrology back today!) For Naofumi, the quote “No good deed goes unpunished” was his theme throughout the whole series. Literally, he should have had that branded on his chest given how many times he always tried to do good but it would blow up in his face. Seeing a character come out of that situation is very powerful!

And thankfully that’s not all of Naofumi we’ll see! Earlier this year, Crunchyroll Expo announced seasons two and three are a go for the anime series with the second season currently in production as you read.

Where can Naofumi go from here? I mean honestly he accomplished such a huge feat in the first season, I cannot imagine what will he and the gang do in the second or even third season to match that. What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading! Take care and stay awesome! Itekimasu!

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