Zodiac Wednesday Ships Edition: Naofumi and Raphtalia

Hello, hello! This Zodiac Wednesday is gonna be a little different. Instead of shining the Zodiac spotlight on one character, we will be looking at TWO characters and seeing how compatible they are with each other based on their signs. Think of it as a couples reading on your favorite ships! 😍

So the couple I chose today is none other than the famous Shield and Sword duo, Naofumi and Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari). Now, I wouldn’t really classify these two as a “couple” even though the series is trying its damnedest to push the romance card onto them. I see them as more brother/sister or mentor/student. I mean Naofumi found Raphtalia as a child and raised her to fight as his weapon. In turn, this grew a very close relationship between the two. Enduring harsh battles, tough decisions, and insane trials placed onto them by the royal family, these two definitely are more like best friends who will go to the end for each other rather than romantic partners. However, I can look into how they would be romantically as well just for the heck of it.

Now, when looking into seeing if two people are compatible, I typically look at the whole chart of both individuals. Looking into their typical Sun, Moon, and Rising, and also their Mercury, Venus, Mars, 7th house, and much more. For the sake of time, I’m going to give you a comparison based on a few of those signs. If you remember last Zodiac Wednesday post, I went over 3 of Naofumi’s signs. Don’t worry I’ll cover the remaining and Raphtalia’s chart today so we can see how they compare with each other and why they make such a powerful duo!

Now let’s get started.


Sagittarius Sun♐ Aquarius Moon ♒ Cancer Rising ♋

So we learned all of this the last week about Naofumi. So now I am going to touch on his Venus and Mars. Hang with me, because it’s not as complicated as it sounds. I promise!

Venus is the planet that rules relationships, beauty, feminine energies, and sex. Now I don’t know how Naofumi is when it comes to sex………….sorry I spaced out thinking about it. But I do know when it comes to relationships and things dealing with that. He typically doesn’t chase after it. He would let that come naturally to him and worry about the bigger picture. You know! Using that Sagittarius brain. “Yeah sex is probably great, but I got a kingdom to save and the last time I let a girl come close to me it ended up being this bitch:

Yeah, not happening!” Also when Naofumi does grow close to someone he loves them unconditionally with all of his heart. What do I think his Venus is in? Obviously

Cancer ♋

Cancer Venus natives are known to have very loving souls. Very similar to Cancer Rising but more so dealing with relationships. They are very caring and are very good listeners. They are sentimental and like to nurture their friends and partners but they also carry a tough outer shell just like the crab, so no one can get to their sensitive hearts and see their vulnerability.

The last planet I wanted to look at was Mars. It is the planet of action, passion, and drive. A lot of aggression can come from Mars. How you handle anger and if someone does you wrong deals a lot with this planet. For Naofumi, his Mars is definitely in:


Capricorn Mars natives are powerful. They come alive when there is resistance and display strength when they have a goal in mind. That’s the Capricorn way. They are hard workers and they will get what they want. Those mother fuckers are the ones who end up ruling the country. Actually, Naofumi bought his own territory in the end of Season 1 and rules it…here’s already one step away from taking over the country!


Now, the main takeaway about Raphtalia is that MY GIRL IS LOYAL!!! Even without the slave crescent, she still takes pride in being Naofumi’s sword. She’s come a long way from the sickly, shy, timid child she was in the beginning to the beautiful, courageous, ambitious young adult she is now. And she has Naofumi to thank for that. Having the beast that murdered her parents killed by the hands of her new master really embedded devotion to him in her.

The main thing Naofumi acknowledges in Raphtalia is the strength of her heart. Girl has been through a lot. Seeing her parents slaughtered right before her eyes, being sold to the knights as a slave, and seeing her fellow demi humans and friends tortured to death by their previous owner, she has managed to hold onto her sanity and morals. Not only that, she starts speaking her mind more and is more opinionated than she was before.

Also, when it comes to showing affection towards Naofumi, she is very shy. She obviously loves him and has deep respect for him but does not know how to put it in words when she wants to. She overanalyzes it too much. She shows her love best with action in dire situations. She has a much more low vibration to her action compared to Naofumi. With all that said, our girl is:

Cancer Sun♒ Leo Moon♌ Virgo Rising ♍ Cancer Venus ♋ Cancer Mars ♋

The Sun being in Cancer makes Raphtalia a nurturer especially to those close to her. We all know how he much she cares about making sure everyone is safe and in check. She’s low key like the big sister of the bunch. Thinking about the best thing for Naofumi’s health, making sure Filo isn’t being too reckless, making sure Melty is alright. Also, her loyalty not only shines in her sun sign but her moon sign as well. Being a Leo Moon, she is brave, she is courageous, and loyal as hell! The thing about a lot of Leo Moons though is that they always have had that inner bravery but, because it’s not their Sun sign, a lot of times in their younger years they don’t know how to fully tap into it. However, once it’s tapped into, there is no stopping a Leo Moon.

Also from a Virgo myself, I can definitely see the Virgo rising in her. Virgo risings are known to want to assisting others and being very constitutional. Settling agreements but because they are Virgo they have a mutable approach about how they do it. Their not Leo-ing the place up.

And last but not least, we have both Venus and Mars in Cancer. This a fantastic duo because she has that Venus in Cancer that wants to nurture her friends and partner with that caring and sensitive soul and she has that Mars in Cancer that gives her the bravery of a Cancer to face her fears meanwhile being very close to her emotional sensitivity. So she’s very empathetic in her friendships and partnerships.

Now let’s put these two together for all you visual folks out there!

Naofumi| Raphtalia:

Sagittarius Sun♐ | Cancer Sun♒

Aquarius Moon ♒ | Leo Moon♌

Cancer Rising ♋ | Virgo Rising ♍

Cancer Venus♋ | Cancer Venus ♋

Capricorn Mars♑ | Cancer Mars ♋

Are they loyal to each other?

There is not a doubt in my mind. They are both go getters because of the Sagittarius/Leo combination. They would be very loyal to each other because of the Cancer and Leo and even Capricorn influences.

Do They Make A Great Hero’s Team?

Definitely! Naofumi’s Moon sign makes him a huge humanitarian treating everyone with equality. He may feel obligated to help those who have been oppressed because he has been through similar trials. Empathy is definitely there. Meanwhile, Rapthalia’s Cancer Sun makes her very nurturing and her Leo Moon allows her to help those in need without hesitation because of the bravery the Leo gives her. So they are definitely the perfect duo to have as guardians of Melromarc.

How are they as a couple?

In all honesty…they are the PERFECT couple/pair. Both having that Cancer Venus influence really allows them to be caring and nurturing towards each other. The problem they may face is that they both would want to but on a shield (no pun intended) to protect their vulnerability and to not remember the traumas they have endured. Also, Cancer Venus has fears that they will not show anyone because they don’t want it to come to life. This is definitely the case for Naofumi. Now, when they get mad at each other. That Mars engy is gonna come in and have Capricorn Naofumi being all cold and harsh with those high expectations meanwhile Raphtalia will not tell him how she feels until it’s boiled up and shit hits the fan. That is something they would need to address as partners. Cancer Mars can be great communicators but not when they can sense their partner is stressed. It’s in their nature to want to take care of them and make sure they are alright before they reveal how they feel. Meanwhile, Capricorn Mars are too great at communicating and can be very curt at times to their partner especially when stressed. And sometimes, they won’t be cognizant of how their partner feels because they can be consumed in their own stress.

What future concerns may they have?

A concern I see them having in the future is the fact that Sagittarius Naofumi wants to keep moving and learning and travelling but there is going to come a point where the Cancer Raphtalia is going to want to sit down and make a home. Care for a family. However, she may not tell her party that because that Cancer influence is so deep inside of her, that she may put Naofumi’s needs above hers. That Leo Moon however will help her decide what’s best for her (because that’s how Leos roll), meanwhile, still being loyal to him.

Well, that was fun!

Thank you for tuning in to the very first Zodiac Wednesday Ship!! Let me know if you have any questions or comments (that’s what the comments section is for)! And I know you have some anime ships! Don’t you want to know how they would do in real life? Leave some couples below and I’ll see if I can incorporate them in the next Zodiac Wednesday Ship Edition!

Until then! Take Care and Stay Awesome!

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  1. icecolddoom says:

    I really appreciate your posts and respect your opinion on zodiac signs immensely. Is there any way I could privately contact you?


    1. Hi! Yes you can contact me via the Reach Out To Me page and just fill out the form to tell me what you would like to talk about! Thank you for your interest!

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