Trip Announcement: You Know Where!

Hi! So by reading the title you can probably already tell what’s going on but I wanted to give you a heads up!

Yes, I will be going overseas to Japan!! I am leaving in four weeks and will be there for five weeks (at that point, that’s a pilgrimage) and I am super stoked. What does this mean for the blog? Don’t fret. There still will be posts, I am scheduling posts to be sent out while I’m gone so we can keep the ship running. I will try my best to deliver content on time. It’s just with being overseas…ANYTHING can happen.

My main destinations will be Tokyo (2 weeks), Sapporo (4 days), Kyoto (2 weeks), and Osaka (9 days) with few day trips to Koyasan, Hiroshima, Nara, etc. So I can check out all of the Animates imaginable.

I will be so submersed into anime and manga culture there, unlike how I am in America, that I will more than likely pick up a ton of inspiration and will be here to share with you life updates, what’s going on, and some things I was unaware of anime/manga wise. Also, I will be attending Comiket so…you know that’s probably going to be a post on its own.

I will return to the States in Mid-September (unless I find a cute Japanese man and marry him for citizenship in Ibaraki) and once I am back I will still be here to talk to you about everything anime and tell you about the trip.

And if you have ANY recommendations on where to go, what to do, where to find some hole in the wall anime/manga stores, where is the anime life, or simple advice like how to cross the street, help a sister out!

Arigatou gozaimasu!! And stay awesome!!

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  1. My tips:
    * There’s a set of stores called “Marui” (written 0101, for “marui marui”) which occasionally have anime collabs. (I’m not sure what your level of Japanese comprehension is though, so I’m not sure if I should recommend checking out the Japanese social media of your favourite franchises in case collabs/events/pop-up stores/pop-up cafes are happening when you’re in the area.)
    * Bring your passport for Dotonbori and other duty-free stores.
    * Keep an eye out for convenience stores and gachapon machines – those are the easiest ways to get merch/manga/magazines. At Kansai Airport, there were Revue Starlight badges, so don’t discount even the most niche of fandoms being represented in merch outside of an Animate or other specialty merch store!
    * Do make sure you buy everything you want before you leave a place – you’ll just regret it if you don’t and sometimes merch can be very exclusive.
    * Don’t stay up too late trying to watch “seasonal anime as it was intended” – you’ll just end up crashing if you’re not an insomniac…

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    1. Thank you so much for this. I can read Japanese semi well and speak and a conversational level but not profound. I’ve definitely checked out pop up shops (mainly for banana fish).
      All the insight you have laid down sounds very wise and makes a lot of sense! I will definitely buy everything I can before I leave.


      1. Thank you for the advice and tips! Will they not let you purchase anything in Dotonbori without a passport?


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