Zodiac Wednesday: Junta Azumaya from Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By The Sexiest Man of the Year

What’s up?! This week, the Zodiac spotlight will go to the very handsome and insatiable angel we know and love: Junta Azumaya from Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year. I am so glad to be covering my Dakaichi boys once again! You know what the deal is. Get ready to get hot!


So he’s hot… Is there any more to say?

Okay, let me elaborate. He is charming and can woo any crowd just by walking in the room. The man has sparkles orbiting his face and angel wings flying out of his back for half the series. Also, if you didn’t notice. He oozes sex! He has a HIGH sex appeal which has allowed him to take the role of sexiest man of the year from the already handsome Takato Saijo (Sexiest Man of the Year for five years straight before Junta) in the series.

Junta also comes off sweet and innocent. Literally an angel upon first impression, however, if you’ve seen the series you know that there is a beast under that angel face! We’ll get to that in the personality portion of the post. But for now just know he’s cute and is pretty ripped in the muscle department.

Exhibit A

Based upon looks and his sexual presence, I guarantee you that he is either Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Aries. These Sun signs are known to be very attractive, but not in a charismatic, whimsical way like your Libra or Gemini. Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aries are attractive because of their strong sexual appeal Especially Scorpio! Scorpios are not known for their looks but their sexual, “interesting” energy because (being of Pluto) they resemble sex, creation, transformation, rebirth, occult, dark magic, and dark beauty. And they attract that as well.


Junta has a VERY obsessive personality. Very obsessive over Takato to where he literally climbed his way to the top in the acting industry with hopes of one day meeting his secret crush, Takato, and when he finally meets him, he devises this plan to make sure he has Takato in bed with him. Even after that, he obsessively follows, calls, and texts Takato multiple times a day to make sure Takato is by his side. Let’s not forget how he was so obsessed with Takato, he would not let anyone else socialize with them because he wanted Takato to himself. This boy is OBSESSIVE!

Let’s also not forget, he is a master manipulator! So great at manipulating any situation to work in his favor! Let me see if I can count the times Junta has been manipulative:

*Warning there’s about to be some spoilers. Skip the list now if you’re not up to date!

1.) He manipulated everyone into pressuring Takato to grab a drink with him so he can “take pointers” from a professional. When really he wanted to get Takato drunk to bring him back to his home so he can have his way.

2.) When our Hollywood sleaze, Ayagi, came in the picture and attempted to sleep with Takato, Junta met up with Ayagi for drinks, manipulated Ayagi into confessing that he forced himself onto Takato so he can record that shit and mass produce it into stuffed animals. This way he could threaten Ayagi by placing these stuffed animals everywhere.

3.) When this trash papparazzi group outed their relationship causing Takato to be kicked off of a series, he went through hoops to make every paparazzi source believe he was dating his costar (who was a woman) so she could just tell them, “Oh we are just friends,” and put the other source to shame.

You know there are a lot more instances but we are going to just keep it at that. And that was only twelve episodes!

He’s also pretty jealous. Looking back at the episode where Junta and Takato went to to the beach. His costars were apparently there as well and wanted to hang out with them, but Junta was not having that. He bent over backwards to make sure him and Takato were alone and even snapped on them, verbally saying leave us be (sorta).

However, he is very very loving when it comes to Takato. He may not really give a damn about anyone else, but when it comes to his man, he will give the world! And a trunk full of chocolates and condoms. He is also rarely ever satisfied sexually. Thus the nickname, “Insatiable Angel”, deemed to him by Takato. Like seriously he is always charged and ready to go and SUPER KINKY!

Well I think this one is a pretty easy one.

My Zodiac Verdict Is…

Scorpio AF ♏

Leo Moon♌

My boy is a Scorpio Sun and there is no doubt about it! He is sexually attractive like Scorpio, sexually charged like a Scorpio, obsessive as what most Scorpios can be, and manipulative just like a Scorpio. Scorpios are masters at taking a situation and turning it into their favor. That’s because they are so intuitive they practically know what’s going to happen before it does and because of that they are vigilant. They are also super jealous, and if they see the situation not working in their favor, they will act out because of that jealousy and make sure they get what they want. They are sexually charged. That’s how it is, how it’s always been, and will be for Scorpios. An awesome thing about Scorpios is they are master manifestors. When Junta had set his eyes on Takato, he manifested that they would cross paths again and that Takato would be his man. Sure enough, years later, here we are today watching them getting freaky all covered in honey.

The Leo Moon is there to establish commitment and loyalty because the Scorpio ain’t doing that. There’s nothing in Scorpio characteristics that say devoted. They love when their partner is devoted for them, but because they are so lustful and wanting to share that sexual experience with many people, they are not loyal. That’s where the Lion comes in to play to make him commit to Takato. Because we know that Takato is his and only his. If anyone else touched him, they would probably be stalked. Leo Moons are also very romantic! They are masters at making vibrant and dramatic ways to show the other person that they care. From the paparazzi hoax to the gifts in the trunk and light show on the last episode to the wanting outdoor sex on a remote island…yeah his affection is very dynamic. However this placement also means that admiration needs to be reciprocated. They need reassurance and affection from their partner to feel connected with them and we know it took some time for Takato to reciprocate that affection. Also, Leo Moons can be intense! There is 98% of the time a passionate intensity that needs to be expressed, and I’m pretty sure Junta has got that checked off.

Well that’s it! Now, I’ll leave you to admire a hot photo of our boys, Junta and Takato, posing together for a magazine shoot!


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