Kakegurui XX: High Stakes Gambling and Yandere Fun

Crazy gambling, life threatening games, Russian Roulette, idols, and all the Yandere madness at your fingertips! I present to you Kakegurui!!

If you haven’t watched this series…you are missing out! And with the release of Kakegurui xx (it’s second season) the risks get even higher and the plot more fascinating!

Let’s Start From the Beginning…

Kakegurui takes place in a high school…

Probably You: Oh my gosh… another anime taking place in high school? Big woop!


This is not just any high school. Yes they learn English, Mathematics, and other core studies, but it’s also a place where its students participate in high risk gambling. And being children of extremely rich family parents, there is a lot of money to gamble!

Our protagonist, Yumeko Jabami has recently transferred to this academy and is eager to dive in to this “special curriculum”. She comes off as naive and beautiful during her matches, but the thing we learn very quickly about Yumeko is her love…no, OBSESSION OF GAMBLING!

Not even the obsession of winning. She doesn’t care about winning or losing. All she cares about is how much thrill she can get from the gamble. For her the higher the stakes, the more excitement she gets. You can see how this can escalate pretty quickly. Throughout Season 1 you see her take part in gambles where billions of yen are on the line, livelihood, a person’s hours of service to the student body as “house pets” (the cast ranking in the school where you are so in debt that you have to serve to the student body and do exactly as everyone says), her own life…literally anything you can imagine is on the line just for the thrill of it!

Also keep in mind, Yumeko isn’t the only one there for the thrill of the game. Almost every character in this series is in it for the thrill, especially the student body council. Yumeko is probably just the most insane one.

Season 2

Now let’s talk about Season 2.

Holy Shit!!!

I’m not gonna give to much away but let’s just say the season starts off with introducing our characters Yumeko, her close friend, Ryouta, and a member of the student body council, Midari to a guillotine like device where the players put their fingers in it and take turns cutting the many strings attached to the blade, however one string is what will trigger the blade to fall and slice off the persons’ finger. The objective of the game is to keep your finger in at all times and whoever pulls out because of fear or anxiety loses the money they gambled….Pretty intense right?

The plot of Season 2 starts off with the fact that the Student Body President…

This Ice Queen right here

…has grown bored. She remains the top gambler in the whole Academy and has never lost a match. She’s suffering from what I call the Saitama syndrome (when one has become so strong they can’t find any opponent worth their time). So she announces that she is giving up her throne and will hold an election based off of, guess what, gambling!

Every student is able to become Student Body President. From the beginning they are given one chip that is equivalent to one vote. The students are to gamble their way to the top battling for the others collected chips. Whoever gets the most chips by the end of the election wins the title of Student Body President. However, there is a twist our current President, Kirairi, has added. She decides to transfer all of her clan to the academy who are masters at gambling just like her to stir things up. To the students being President means wealth and complete power but to her family, it means not only control over the Academy but also head of the family!

Each game gets more twisted and riskier by the episode and, of course, Yumeko is eating this shit up!

This series is so easy to sink your teeth into and binge! And don’t just look forward to the high stakes and yandere action, but get ready for a very jazzy and sexy opener every season that portrays the energy of the show to a T.

I give it an 8.5/10

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yomu says:

    Amazing show, I just recently finished it as well. Binged right through both seasons in a few days. Just such an exciting and interesting anime, you never really know what game they are going to roll out next or how exactly it’ll go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so good! And you are right! One day it’s Russian Roulette, the next it’s deciding which macaron is spicy, and then it’s a game where you can get your finger chopped off! So amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yomu says:

        Hard to even pick a favourite… though I think when it comes to facial expressions, the finger cutting game delivered the most haha


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