Zodiac Wednesday: Lady Kikyo from Inuyasha


Hey! I hope you’re awesome! If you are here, more than likely you are!

Thank you for tuning in this week to another Zodiac Wednesday where we…will…be talking…about….Lady Kikyo from Inuyasha.

Fun Fact: Inuyasha was the first anime I have ever watched. My cousin introduced it to me at midnight when I was 8 years old. And here I am now…a Mega Weeb. Thank you Shawn!

Let’s get this Zodiac train rolling.


Lady Kikyo is a force to be reckoned with. She is the shrine maiden who bound a half demon to a tree with a single arrow after losing a TON of blood from a fatal wound dealt by a full demon. Pretty badass right? When you first lay your eyes on Kikyo, you may be slightly intimidated because she is an Ice Queen. She has little to no facial expression, a very structured presence, and a very cold glare. However with all of these traits, she still hosts her beauty. But it’s not a, “damn, she’s sexy beauty,” but more like a powerful beauty. Much like your Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan, Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. So far based on appearance I would say Kikyo is a Capricorn or Virgo Rising because of her grounded and structured presence.

by Cati


Even though our Fair Lady has that cold, solemn exterior, on the inside she is a complete sweetheart that has been burnt harshly many times making her not so willing to trust. From the whole Naraku setting her up to feel betrayed by Inuyasha. To feeling betrayed by Inuyasha not once but twice because he falls in love with Kagome to many other events that happened tin the show that just made close her doors from people and say, “back the fuck away from me.” So to speak.

However, behind that layer…behind that shield is a woman who would give the shirt off her back for people in need. She is very nurturing, and despite the “betrayal” of Inuyasha, she was very loving. Very much a romantic. She would often set aside her emotions to put those of others first. This made her very selfless, so when she was hurt by what Naraku had done, she was very vulnerable. Even after coming back to life, though she wouldn’t admit or show it, she was still emotionally attached to Inuyasha and emotionally vulnerable as well. She was prepared to take him to the underworld with her! Homegirl held a grudge.

She is also super connected to other realms. Really psychic. Probably the most powerful priestess in all of the realm with very divine powers that could purify even the darkest of demons. However she did abuse that power to steal souls in order to keep her soul in that reincarnated body of hers. Everything I have stated are major Water sign traits. Wouldn’t put it past her to be a Pisces or a Cancer Sun and Moon

Can someone give me a drum roll please!

That’ll do!

My Zodiac Verdict Is…


Libra Moon ♎ Capricorn Rising ♑

I’d say this hits the nail right on the head. Her core, her essence is naturally very nurturing and loving like a Cancer. Chalked full of emotions but will set them aside to put others first. She’s very emotionally vulnerable (like most Cancers) and she has the psychic prowess as Cancer. Cancer is probably the most psychic and spiritually connected signs on the chart. Filled with outstanding intuition with their ruling planet being the Moon. It’s no wonder why our lovely Kikyo is a priestess. She is filled with divine, supernatural energy.

The Libra comes in to show balance and judgment. Libra Moons have a strong sense of justice and need for balance. As a shrine maiden, that was Kikyo’s duty. To maintain the peace and to pass judgment on demons who wreaked havoc on humans. Libra Moon is also a sign that wants to make sure everyone is happy and can lose themselves among that, however, her Cancer Sun is there to remind, “Yes, nurture them, girl. Heal them! But the minute they screw with you, you make sure they pay and be as selfish as possible because you ain’t showing them how hurt you are!”

The Capricorn Rising simply brings structure to her presence. Her personality is very harsh and curt because of this placement. There may be even a very dry sense of humor that not many people can get. She’s all about taking obstacles and responsibility and handling it with no problem thus giving her a strong, “I’ve seen some shit” appearance.

Well that was fun! Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments below what you think of my reading, or if you have some other Zodiac opinions on Kikyo, drop them in the comments as well.

Take care and stay awesome!

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  1. j says:

    A detail is that Cancers are very trustworthy. And it doesn’t feel like she can be trusted very much, she feels mutable and unpredictable, as well as unable to be understood, all with an unmatched intellect, she can be scary one day and vulnerable the other, and the way she acts with children is very libra & cancer but she has no problem hurting innocent people. She has Libra’s responsability, but not always..

    What if she was a cancer while she was alive, but then naraku killing her happened in scorpio season, making her spirit a scorpio, and then she gets revived in early march making its come back to life a delusional, hurt forever, suspended in time pisces? That’s how she acts after being revived… while her spirit seems to crave revenge as soon as she comes back, and her real self just wanted to see inuyasha one more time, which is extremely cancer. she displays the nature of all 3 water signs

    Given the fact Kagome is a Scorpio, or a Sagittarius, as her reincarnation, it would make sense for her to have been born in the same part of the year as Kikyo had died no? gory deaths with underlaying issues usually happen in november.


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