Zodiac Collab with Irina: Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

Hey! So we got everyone covered?

We have talked about the Sohmas…. everyone’s all good?

Oh that’s right! We did do the Sohmas but we are missing the main character from the whole show. The heart of gold cat lover, Tohru Honda!

Last, but certainly not least, Tohru is the epitome of what we wish for in the world. Sweet, kind, forgiving, open-minded, hardworking, cannot ever complain even if she wanted to… she’s amazing!

She is also very beautiful which doesn’t come to a surprise since she’s a Taurus. You got it! In western astrology, she is the bull! Taurus is affectionate, kind, loyal to their friends and partners,  composed, productive, and a bit aloof…and Tohru checks all of those boxes. Also, she is beautiful! Taurus natives are known to be either attractive by looks or attractive by style because their ruling planet is Venus which is the planet of aesthetic, love, fertility, glamour, and feminine energies.

As we all know, Tohru has deep devotion to her late mother and those who are close to her. DEEP DEVOTION! That is something that runs in the Taurus blood typically because Taurus doesn’t like the feeling of being alone or it’s hard for them to let go of someone they have emotionally attached themselves to. Hear me out. Tohru speaks to her mother every day even though she is dead. In episode 1, she stated, “Mom’s buried underneath. She can’t breathe. I have to get her out.” Tohru is so deeply attached to her mother to where it sounds like she hasn’t fully grasped that she is gone. This is common with Taurus placements, for they don’t know how to let go of someone they have emotionally attached themselves to. I personally know Taurus natives who are in relationships they hate but they aren’t leaving the other person because they are so devoted and attached to them.

Tohru is also very stubborn about doing the right thing and also being stubborn about never thinking about herself for once instead of other people. Being stubborn about how they see things is very common in a Taurus. They are the bull. When they have found their place they will sit and not move. When they develop their beliefs on something, they will sit on that belief.

Personally, at first I would have guessed her as a Libra. Because Libras are known for wanting balance. They dislike confrontation and are known for being people pleasers. They are lovers of life, wish to do their own thing, can be very selfless, and like to keep the peace…sounds a little like Tohru right? However, the thing with Libra is that the minute the peace is disturbed, they will bounce! Because they can’t handle it anymore. They can up and leave. But Tohru is too devoted to the people in her life…so what other sign can go hand-in-hand with Libra? Taurus. Both whose ruling planet is Venus. Both who are lovers of life, both who hate confrontation and just like peace.

I hope that was informative for you all as well as fun! I had an awesome time on this collab. And now I’ll pass the torch to my girl Irina from Drunken Anime Blog to look at the gang in the Chinese Zodiac!

by Joo Hee


No one’s a libra like me :(. Oh well.

We actually know what Tohru’s Chinese Zodiac do you want to guess? I’ll give you a clue. It’s a sign we’ve already covered.

So what do we know about Tohru. She’s caring and very kind to those around her. She’s a great friend and worries a lot about the well being of those around her and not enough about her own. Like Gaijin mentions, she has DEEP DEVOTION! She’s also very cheerful, almost pathological optimist. No wonder her friends feel like they need to keep an eye on her. I do too.

So what does that sounds like? Does it remind you of anyone from the Sohma family? Take your time, I’ll wait…

You’re not sure? Well that’s not really surprising, Tohru is a dog. Just like Shigure. In fact she is the prototypical dog personality wise. This is what he should have been like if circumstance and tragedy hadn’t dampened his spirit.

Tohru is the ideal of that loyal, responsible, clever, courageous and lively archetype. She even embodies the faults very well. As Gaijin said, she can be quite stubborn, another dog trait, as well as sensitive and emotional which can be considered faults in dogs as the traits sometimes turn against them.

Of all the characters, I believe Tohru to be truest to her sign (even if she’s technically born in the year of the cat….)

We did it! We covered all the characters in Fruits Basket (partially). I hope you had a great time and please let us know in the comments if you would like to see more Zodiac comparisons of the Sohmas. I do a Zodiac reveals on anime characters every other Wednesday, and I just might drop another Sohma if asked.

Also go check out Irina’s blog for the other Sohma Zodiac comparisons we did from Kyo to Shigure and my husband Hatsuharu!

Hope you had a great time! Take care and stay awesome!

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