Zodiac Wednesday: Sing Soo-Ling from Banana Fish

“You couldn’t forgive Ash for opening up to Eiji. Because Ash found what you never could. You were just jealous.”

— Sing Soo-Ling

Damn Sing. Call him out!

Hey Hey! It’s Wednesday! So you know what that means… it’s A Good Day for Banana Fish & Astrology (see what I did there). And probably some tears as well but not as many as last Zodiac Wednesday when we covered Shorter Wong.

We are keeping the Banana Fish train going today and will be going over…you guessed it: Sing Soo-Ling from my favorite anime of all time Banana Fish.

Let’s get it started!

by Sen


So Sing is one of the youngest if not the youngest character in the show next to Ash. He has a slender build and is pretty short compared to everyone else in the show. But don’t let this little chihuahua fool you. He can bark but also pack a lot of bite. He’s very agile with his garrote wires and knows how to make a precise kill.

Low key, he kinda always looks pissed…then again everyone besides Eiji does. This will prove to you what the lifestyle of a gang can assure. He kind of does have a fiery and strong presence though. Definitely don’t sense any Water or Air in his rising, sun, or moon sign. But let’s get into the juicier stuff to find out for sure. Personality!


The main thing I love about Sing is his loyalty to his gang. His main concern anytime his gang would go in to help Ash was will his men come out safe. He also had a deep deep respect for Shorter and was very adamant in knowing the cause of Shorter’s death. Like homeboy tried to called my man Ash because he thought Ash killed Shorter out of cold blood, and did not rest until he found the true answer behind all of this.

His personality, once again, is very fiery. He has a lot of determination and shows really great leadership skills all while being very straight forward. This is definitely a Fire sign characteristic. He is also one of the most compassionate characters in the show. When he found out Ash was responsible for Shorter’s death, he saw him as his enemy but was still there to help rescue him when Ash was in a shootout with Golzine’s men. In the end, after Yut Lung became the reason for a lot of important deaths, the reason for Eiji leaving Japan, and the reason for just a lot of drama, Sing confronted Yut Lung and literally stated “I can never forgive you for what you’ve done,” but he spared Yut Lung and empathized with him. He even asked to work together to rebuild Chinatown. And again, these are just A FEW examples of Sing’s compassion.

But just because he has compassion, don’t get it twisted. The boy has no problem with choking you to death. That is definitely a Martian (of the planet Mars) like trait. Ready to take action, sometimes without thinking, and ready to fight without a moment’s notice. Even though he does act tough, at heart he’s still a child inside. I mean… God, the kid’s only 14 years old. And he’s running a full fledged gang?! Bitch is going to be the next Don of Chinatown at this rate.

Alright! I got a good idea to what Zodiac signs Sing can belong to.

The Verdict Is:

Capricorn Sun♑

Aries Moon♈

Let’s start with why he’s a Capricorn. He’s a great leader, he’s hard working, pretty grounded, and, most importantly, hosts a lot of loyalty. He gives off a somewhat cold and strict vibe too. Something about Capricorns that I have noticed is that there are two kinds: the ones who can step up to any situation and take control and the ones who are unsure if they can do it but can definitely do it! Remember when Shorter died and Sing was freaking out about being the one to control the Chinese gangs now? Yeah, like that. When really this boy could run all of New York if he wanted to. That’s the power of Capricorn! They are natural born leaders and can reach the top of any mountain while the ruler Saturn gives them the ambition and restraint to take control. His loyalty runs far like a Capricorn and is there for people he may not even know when they need him.

As for the Aries Moon…I mean was there any doubt there was Aries to his chart? He’s dynamic, he takes confrontation head on just like the Ram, he’s very determined, and again very loyal. Since Moon represents emotional intelligence and intuition, having it in Aries means that a lot of times the person is quick to react. Thinking is often not in their vocabulary. They just do. If a target is in mind, guarantee that it is locked and they won’t rest until they achieve their goal of obtaining that target. Just like how Sing was quick to react and try to kill Ash for Shorter’s death. He was very persistent in understanding the death of Shorter to where he wanted to duel Ash to find out why.

That’s it for today’s Zodiac Wednesday. Let me know what you think about our boy Sing. I’m sure you have some people who you are curious about astrology wise. Drop some names in the comments and I will get to them.

Take care and stay awesome!

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