Fruits Basket Zodiac with Irina: Yuki Sohma

Hello, hope today is fabulous for you!

Irina and I are back today to give you our next contender for GUESS THE ZODIAC FRUITS BASKET EDITION: PRINCE YUKI!!!

I’m pretty stoked for this one. So without too much to say, let’s get rolling!

Our beloved Yuki is actually a sign I didn’t see in him until I looked further into his actions and further into the story. Prince Yuki is actually a Virgo like our Queen Bey (Yonce fans know what I’m talking about). He is reserved, composed, and very accomplished much like many Virgos are. When they want something they go after it and do not rest until it is theirs. Much like Yuki where he as a very hard work ethic once he develops a passion for something.  With Virgos, service is WHO WE ARE!! In fact, they are known as the Mothers of the Zodaic, the Caretakers…we (I’m a Virgo) are driven more by being of use to others than being recognized. But don’t get it twisted! We like being recognized when it comes to our talents. Yuki from the beginning represses his feelings and is not emotionally expressive, however, that changes as he meets after meeting Tohru. He opens up and shows more of who he is much like how many Virgos are. Getting a Virgo to express their emotion can sometimes be like pulling teeth until they find the right person to bring it out of them or come across an obstacle that gives them no option but to speak their mind. However, when Yuki opened up to Tohru, he ensured that the she, someone he cares about, was happy and satisfied just like a Virgo would. Also, we can’t forget when Yuki first met Tohru, he went to excavate all of Tohru’s belongings while she was asleep. Just keeping it real…only a FEW Zodiac signs would do that.  But that’s the servile attitude Virgo has. They find deep pleasure in serving others.

IRINA: Much like “snake”, “rat” has a lot of significance already attached to it in the west. It’s generally an insult to call someone a rat. They are considered cowardly and dishonest. The term is even used as a synonym for traitor. Historically, as rats tended to be such efficient disease carriers, we as humans have developed a somewhat unfair fear and aversion to the animal but they are surprisingly kind and intelligent creatures with fairly complex social behavior structures… I’m a zoology nerd. Or just a nerd, depending on who you ask.

I’m telling you all this because you may also have some of these prejudices in mind but throw them out! In Chinese Zodiac, the Rat is a prestige sign!

They are considered very keen and quick on the uptake. They are alert and can easily adapt to whatever comes their way. On top of that the are great negotiators and have a good sense of tact. As such people of this sign are considered very likely to succeed, especially in business. All of this is very obvious in our delicate Yuki.

What is less immediately visible is that rats are also generally outgoing, positive and cheerful individuals. (Told you it was a great sign!). I don’t know about you, but I thought Yuki could be a touch more joyful in general. When he’s not putting on a happy front, he can get a bit gloomy. Of course, considering the difficult family lives all Sohma’s have to deal with, I can’t exactly blame the boy for being down in the dumps once in a while. All things considered, he does pretty well with what he has!

Paradoxically, among the negative points of the sign they are considered both stubborn and not persistent enough. Which makes no sense but oddly still applies to Yuki. Go figure.

This time, there doesn’t seem to be much overlap between the Western and Chinese signs but they both complement each other well in Yuki’s personality.

I sure hope you enjoyed our little zodiac tour on Yuki. If so go and checkout some other characters we have already covered such as Shigure and Hatsuharu on her page! Next week, she will post our analysis on Kyo (my tied favorite character to Hatsuharu) and then after that we will be wrapping our Zodiac exploration with THE ONE AND ONLY: Tohru Honda!

You don’t wanna miss that so follow our pages to stay tuned and… stay awesome!

Now, for more footage of Kyo’s getting his ass literally kicked by Yuki. Poor thing!

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