Let’s Talk About Parasyte: The Maxim

Hey there. I hope you’re having a good day. Welcome to my “Talks” series where we sit down and talk about a specific anime series. Whether it be old or new, good or bad, we will talk about it.

Today, we will be going over a very popular anime you all may know and possibly have tried to avoid due to its graphic nature, Parasyte: The Maxim. This is personally one of my favorites. I just finished watching it and boy…I don’t know how I feel!

So let’s get talking.

So as you can see… this show is nuts! If you were like me, you probably have tried to avoid this series due to its graphic nature, intense violence, and gross alien transformations. Granted, there are some series out there that are much more intense such as Gantz, Berserk, Hellsing: Ultimate, etc. However, I finally sat down and just said, “Bring it on,” and really fell IN to the story. There were times I was watching six episodes in one sitting and then I realized, “Shit, I have a life.”

The story follows the sudden arrival of parasitic aliens that fell onto the Earth and began taking over the brains of mostly humans. This results in the full control of their host so they can feed on other humans.

Our protagonist , Izumi Shinichi, was just a normal teen attending high school until, one day, a parasyte attempted to take control of his brain. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and the parasyte could only take over his right hand. Unable to relocate in Shinichi’s body, the parasyte, now named Migi, relies on the cooperation of Shinichi to stay alive.

So now we have a life form with the super strength, agility, and speed of a Parayste but still has the emotionally driven and moral filled brain of a human…to other parasytes this means trouble and for humans this could mean danger. As the secret of the pairing begins to unfold amongst other parasytes, Shinichi and Migi become targets and must rely on each other to survive against the parasytes that seek to rid this new threat to their species. As for the humans, Shinichi is trying his damnedest to keep Migi a secret, but because of this he loses more than he could handle…the lives of his friends, family, and even his own identity.

So…this show is fucking amazing! It gives you grit, a good story, suspense, good thrills, and huge character development in our protagonist, Shinichi. He was just a frail, shy high school student until the parasyte in his right hand spreads throughout his body. I’m not telling you how. You gotta watch it and find out. It’s actually pretty intense but very well done. Once this happens you begin to not only see a physical change in Shinchi but an emotional change. It’s so drastic that even his friends don’t think he’s actually Shinichi. Like a comletely different person.

Definitely, more for a mature crowd or at least a crowd that can take people being ripped in half every episode. However, once you get passed the violence you won’t stop watching. You will be too focused on, “What will the humans do about the parasites? Will Shinichi lose more people in his life because of this mayhem? Yeah! Kill him! He deserves it!”

The writers did an awesome job turning this already great manga into just as good of an anime. You will keep asking, “How will they do it? When will this happen? How will Shinichi get out of this one?”leaving you on edge every episode until the very last one and then you’re like, “What the actual FUCK!”

It’s so good. Highly recommend it!

I give it a 9/10

I want to hear from you! What did you all think of Parasyte? Pretty awesome or pretty okay? Leave your comments below and give the post a like.

Have a good day and stay awesome!

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