Zodiac Wednesday: Shorter Wong

Alright! Anyone who has seen this series and is apart of the #Bananafam…just get ready to cry. Alright, I warned you. Let’s go!

Today, we are giving the Astrological spotlight to my boy, Shorter Wong from the fantastic series, Banana Fish. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!


Despite the Chinese old man get up, Shorter has a pretty punk rock appearance due to his noticeable purple mohawk and brow piercings. He always always ALWAYS wear sunglasses. That’s probably one of the most profound things about his character. Because his sunglasses are always hiding his eyes from the world it really makes an impact when you do see his eyes those three times throughout the series. It’s like “Oh shit…he is actually afraid.” I’m highlighting this because Shorter is a very tough guy who appears normally unfazed and not afraid to take action when needed and this can be definitely a trait for a Fire rising (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo) or even a Capricorn rising. Also there are few placements and signs of the Zodiac who want to hide their faces consistently so no one knows what they are truly feeling and appear tough.


Oh man! Shorter was my boy! He did not let Dino or his men lay a single finger on Eiji in this scene! He knew how much his best friend, Ash, cared about him so he promised to stay by Eiji’s side when he was helpless even if it meant putting his own life on the line. And homeboy did it well! He manipulated the situation to where he would keep himself and Eiji alive. This amount of loyalty and action is what you will find in some of your fire and earth signs.

Shorter is also very lively. Very energetic but can still keep his cool. Ya know? He took the initiative to interrogate gang members to find Ash’s location when he went missing and was the first person to attempt a rescue. Very much a go-getter. He is very quick on his feet and take action. Like for example, during the scene above, Dino’s men had kidnapped Eiji and Shorter however Shorter didn’t take his hands off of Eiji. (So loyal) They got back to a hotel room and Dino’s men were ordered to take Shorter away and leave Eiji. Not on Shorter’s watch! He didn’t even hesitate to grab Eiji, pull him closer, grab the knife from his shoe and threaten to hurt Eiji if they came any closer. Mother fucker didn’t only do that to assure his own safety but did it to make sure he was still by Eiji’s side. He was not going to forgive himself if he let his best friend’s (almost) boyfriend fall into Dino’s corrupt, twisted, human-trafficked hands.

Shorter is also very family oriented! VERY! He even went against his friendship with Ash in order to protect his sister when Yut-Lung Lee threatens to kill her unless he cooperated with kidnapping Eiji. He is super protective like a lion! As if you couldn’t see that when he put himself at risk and was sadly drugged trying to save Eiji from a horrible fate as Golzine’s toy.

Well I think I got all I needed for this one!

Drum roll, please.

My Zodiac Verdict Is:

Cancer Sun♋

Aries Rising♈

Okay. Hear me out Banana Fam! What else describes his loyalty and wanting to nurture those close to him other than Cancer. Leos (my second choice for Sun sign) are devoted and protective but are also self-centered and can tend to be a little vain. Shorter isn’t glamorous and fiery enough to be a Leo. Cancer Sun signs are also super super family oriented and protective over their siblings, and Shorter is definitely protective over his sister. And if you think about it, a Leo Sun and Aries rising would not be hiding their faces behind sunglasses all the time. That combination screams confidence, passion, and “I am here!” But when you throw in a Water sign into the mix, that’s where we get some dynamics.

It’s true Cancers have a lot of emotions but from what I have seen is that a lot of times they don’t recognize their emotions in the moment. However when they do have emotions, it is quite noticeable. When a Cancer is sad, they can’t hide that shit very well. Which is my theory behind the sunglasses! I guarantee you the Aries is like, “I am tough. I am bad. Be fearless!” But his Cancer sun is there to remind him, “Hey don’t forget you have emotions and you’re hurting.” Thus he hides his eyes behind the glasses because as a gang affiliate you don’t want to come off as emotional. Think of it as his Aries is stealing the show from the vulnerable, “take me out of the spotlight” Cancer.

His Aries rising is what gives him his energy, his liveliness, his dynamic approach. This is why he’s so bold and quick to act even in the most pressuring situations. I’ll even bet that in his whole chart his Sun sign is one of the FEW water signs in it. He probably has a Mars in Leo and Moon in Aries which makes even more sense to why he is not afraid to take charge! The Cancer may be there but it’s not what mainly gives him his bold presence. It’s there to be the catalyst behind every decision he makes. “Oh my friend is in danger! Let me go save him!” (Cancer) “You’re threatening to kill my sister…what do I have to do to prevent that?” (Cancer) “Is there anything I can do to help?” (Cancer) His heart and decisions are in Cancer but everything else about him is literally fired up!

Also, Aries rising signs are known to learn self-reliance early. If you remember from the series, Shorter’s parents were not in the picture since childhood. This definitely forces the Ram to learn self-reliance at an early state. And Shorter is very self-reliant.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Crystal says:

    Wow, I was JUST telling someone that Shorter was probably a Cancer. He had that stereotypical Cancer warmth and concern (ex: him grabbing Eiji before they all jumped into the Hudson) and refused to let Ash fight his battles alone.


    1. Mamma says:

      Right! Currently rewatching it and seeing all the cancer moments


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