Fruits Basket Zodiac with Irina: Momiji Sohma

Hey hey! I am back today with the next round of our Fruits Basket Character Zodiac with Irina!

Today, we will be looking at, you guessed it, our adorable bunny, MOMIJI!

If you are still new to what Irina and I are doing. We are taking a few of the Sohmas and Tohru from the currently revamped anime, Fruits Basket, and comparing their cursed Chinese Zodiac to their Western Zodiac to see if it adds up. So far it’s been pretty legit. But let’s see what our Rabbit friend has in store for you this week!

Let’s get it!

Our cute, little rabbit is the Pisces of the gang. In Western Astrology, Pisces is known as the environmentally sensitive, emotional, empathetic, and mutable Water sign. They are extremely, EXTREMELY creative with a lot of imagination (he’s got that down) but more often than not, consistently struggle with finding a sense of individuality and purpose. That being said, I personally would deem him as a Leo Moon. The Moon being the planet of emotional intelligence, intuition, and naturally how you do things. People with a Leo Moon placement are very fun, dramatic, creative, romantic…MOMIJI! They can be very energetic and bubbly, much like the Rabbit.

You may find a Leo Moon sad, but you will never see them giving up! Considering Momiji’s tragic homelife with his mother, he has always been grounded. Smiling through the darkness and remaining calm. Pushing through. Is he sad? Of course! Having your own mother not know who you are can be heartbreaking on anyone, but the Lion does not stay down and the Fish (Pisces) may become sensitive to its enviornment but finds a sense of individuality out of it.


Of course Momiji is a rabbit. Was there ever any doubt. I mean look at that cutey pie, what else could he possibly be. The Rabbit isn’t a sign known for the same type of overt emotionality and creativity as Pisces, although they are considered qui to fall in love which is seen as a default of the sign.

Rather, Rabbits are godly companions with a place in the heavens. They are seen as noble and gentle. They are also known to embody hope. What may be seen as Momiji being a grounded pieces which allows him to persevere through hardships can also be seen as the radiant optimism of rabbits which bring good fortune to those around them.

Although too young to truly live up to the full potential of his Zodiac, Momiji certainly has the potential to be a calming force and bring light to the Sohma family. I certainly hope it works out for him.

I hope you all are enjoying this new adaptation of Fruits Basket! I’m personally getting just as emotional as the original anime series if we are being completely honest here!

Tune in next week for our post on Shigure over on Irina’s blog! Take care and stay awesome!

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