Hello my kings and queens! Some of you may have been wondering why my posts have gone down. Well, I am here to fill you in on everything that has been happening.

Truth is, I have been working day and night on how to revamp the blog. The look, the content, the feel, etc. On top of that I have been working HARD on editing and finishing up my EP. Yes, I am a musician. To be more specific, I am a Hip Hop/R&B artist and I am starting to build a very strong following in that. Music is my career. It’s my passion. And someday I want to solely be doing just that. However, geeking out with you about anime is what I love as well. It’s my escape from the music world. If I had a choice I would definitely be doing this as my job but I know seeing a profit from this site is not as likely as what I have going now for me with hip hop. The EP will be finished within the next month so yay! I can finally devote more time to you and give you more awesome recommendations and more accurate reviews.

Back to what I said earlier. I wanted to let you know I will be switching things up a little bit. When I first started Trust The Gaijin I was unsure of the content I wanted to post, but as time went on, I started to realize what I wanted from my page. So you should see a new look coming soon, more reviews, more recommendations such as pick of the weeks, less lists, and still Zodiac Wednesdays but I will be posting those every other Wednesday.

I am still here for you if you want to talk about anime with me. I am completely open for suggestions on the site because I want you to feel comfortable reading my site. I want you to be able to be yourself and laugh or cry about the content I post and just have fun! I’m still here. You’re still awesome and keep it that way!

Until next time!

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  1. Irina says:

    Good luck with the renovation!


    1. Thanks a bunch! It’s going well so far


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