Zodiac Wednesday: Akari Kawamoto

Hey there. It’s Wednesday and I am back again with another Astrology spotlight on the super, SUPER sweet, loving, and kind Akari Kawamoto from March Comes In Like A Lion.

Before I start, can I just say I love this woman. She is literally the epitome of what every human should be. It’s like homegirl was born an angel! Ahh. Dai suki!

Let’s get rolling!


When you first lay eyes on Akari, it’s like the world stops to say, “Aww”. She has a warm presence and soft features. She is the eldest of the Kawamoto sisters but is still very young. She appears very mature for her age. She’s only in her very early 20s but the external circumstance that involved the absence of her parents allowed her to mature rapidly over the rest of her sisters. And being the eldest child of two siblings, she had no choice to grow up and become Mom. She also has a very soft-spoken voice which she probably developed due to taking care of her two sisters who were a small child and an infant at the time.

This maternal and family oriented personality is definitely a trait you see in Cancer rising natives.


What else can I say? She is as as sweet as she looks!

The one thing you can certainly say about Akari is that she is nurturing! She has been known to bring home all kinds of lost or injured animals to nurture and heal them. So it’s no surprise she brought a heartbroken human to her home, fed him, and took care of him as if he was her little brother. One thing, I have noticed about Akari though is that she rarely shows any emotion or any signs of discomfort or stress. It’s almost like she’s perfect…or at least that’s how she may come off. More than likely it’s because if she shows stress then Momo, Hina, or Rei would notice it. And what caregiver wants their children to worry about them?

Again this amount of nurturing and close to home can only be found in your Cancer rising and sun natives. Sometimes Virgo, however, Virgos aren’t as close to home as Cancerians are.

Alright, I’m pretty sure we both got this one!

The Zodiac Verdict is…

Cancer ♋

Cancer rising♋

Homegirl is a Cancer through and through which is why I love her! (You know because Virgos and Cancers are awesome together)

She is the Crustacean! Throughout the whole entire series we see her develop and display this hard outer shell that bellies her innate sensitivity and hides her true self. That’s the Cancer Rising and Sun working hand and hand developing this shell to protect her from what’s in her environment so she can take care of her siblings. This is an awesome trait that Cancer natives possess, however a lot of Cancerians fall into the habit of placing how they feel and what they want to the side in order to take care of those they care about too often. Take Akari for example. She’s around 22 but has not put in any thought on being in a relationship, finding a career,what does she want out of life besides working in her aunt’s club, or even going out and having fun because she became the Mom of the family when their parents weren’t in the picture. She didn’t even think about what she wanted outside of the family because she took on the responsibility to take care of her younger sisters. And you know… she doesn’t mind it. She doesn’t mind not having a career or being in a relationship because what comes first to her is nurturing the people she loves.

To be honest, she probably is unaware of her own emotional depths and how much weight she is actually caring, so a lot of times Cancer Rising attracts experiences and people that underscore the need to acknowledge these feelings. This is so they can draw the line on responsibilities for others so that way they won’t burn themselves out from taking care of everyone. Also Cancer Rising natives tend to attract weak, needy, helpless people in extremes of emotional crises…Not trying to call out Rei, BUT when Akari did find him lying drunk on the street, he kinda checked all of those boxes.

Let’s see here… Rei’s State of Being When Akari Found Him:

  1. Weak (check)
  2. Needy (sorta check)
  3. Helpless (HELLA check)
  4. Undergoing an extreme emotional crisis (check, check, check, check x10)

One more thing I wanted to point out was that for the Cancer native, home is their natural habitat! Here, this is where the Cancerian will find their strength! Their home needs to be as calm and serene as possible because their home is the crab’s shell protecting what is soft and vulnerable on the inside from the outside world. When Cancerians are happy in their home they become a source of nourishment to their guests! So as I said, even if Akari was to get a career or get into a relationship, she would still feel as if it was her duty to raise her sisters because it is in her spirit to nurture. Which is probably another reason why she’s so calm. As long as her home is neat and everyone is happy she’s gonna be happy.

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Take care and stay awesome!

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