Attack on Titan Season 3 Pt II Review

It’s the return of Season 3 and the creators held nothing back! I will give you the rundown on Season 3 Part II from opening song to the final scene and you can make your decision from there whether you should watch it or not.

But Trust Me… you’re going to watch it!

There are a few spoilers but nothing that gives away the big reveals or the best moments in the show.

So just gonna talk about the opening song for a few lines. It was very aesthetically pleasing but the song could have been better. It sounded a little confused. Linked Horizon (the creators of the first three openers for AOT) probably did give a lot of thought to this but the problem is they aren’t going to make another Shinzo wo Sasegeyo or another Jiyuu No Tsubasa and definitely not another Guren No Yumiya. They’ve always pushed the boundaries with their cinematic orchestra/ metal blend but the signature “Sind das essen und wir sind die jager,” will always remain in our hearts as the best AOT opener.

So let’s talk about the episode!

It’s entitled “The Town Where It All Began”. You guessed it we meet our Scouts going back to the place where the Titans first made their grand appearance, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s hometown, to take back Wall Maria.

The Scouts are trekking at night through the forest. We find our Eren there contemplating if he will be successful. Thoughts flow through everyone’s head because they know humanity will never get another chance like this again. If they die, humanity dies. Thankfully Armin was their to relieve some anxiety with his calming words to his friends.

Then it’s daybreak…the curtain rose…and the operation began. The team flies at full speed back into Eren’s hometown preparing for an ambush at all angles. They make it in, seal up the first part of the wall that Reiner (the Armored Titan) broke through, and even managed to make it to the broken wall that Bertholdt (the Colossal Titan) kicked through…but made it to this point without any fight from Reiner and Bertholdt? Without seeing a single Titan in Wall Maria? Something was off! Everyone had an idea something was up but Armin was the one who suggested an idea that everyone doubted him on. However, with the trust Commander Erwin has in him, he ordered everyone to listen to Armin. Sure enough, Armin’s hypothesis of where the enemy was hiding was right! I’m not gonna tell you what happens but just expect the series to throw you into the action from episode one without any fillers or buildup!

With nowhere to run or hide, the Scouts are forced into the long desired battle to decide humanity’s fate. Who will remain victorious? Titans or mankind?

HAVE YOU SEEN PART TWO OF THE SEASON? What do you think? What do you expect to happen? Leave a comment below or message me so we can chat about it!

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As always take care and stay Otaku!

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