Fruits Basket Zodiac Analysis with Irina: Ayame Sohma!

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So as you know I am super into astrology! So when another blogger I follow recommended to do a Zodiac collab on the Fruits Basket characters comparing the Chinese Zodiac to the Western Zodiac…I almost fell out of my chair!

So for today, and for a few more posts, I will be collaborating with Anime Queen, Irina, to give you side by side comparisons of some of the more prominent members of the Sohma family and Tohru from both Western and Chinese Zodiac perspective. Irina is super knowledgeable about anime and the Chinese zodiact, and has a super comfy site that makes you literally want to grab a drink, or juice, and just read about anime.

Here are the characters we decided to cover:

  • Ayame
  • Hatsuharu
  • Momiji
  • Shigure
  • Yuki
  • Kyo
  • Tohru

But before we plunge right in, we figured we’d take a few minutes to explain the differences between the two Zodiacs.

Chinese Zodiac is a classification scheme that assigns traits and personalities to people according to their birth dates and can be used in divination. However, Chinese zodiac is actually roughly based on the orbital period of Jupiter. I was pretty surprised by that. As such, the twelve signs are divided roughly by year. In case you’re wondering, we are currently in the year of the Pig(Boar). The base charts tend to follow lunar cycles instead of star cycles.

These can be further defined through months which can assign a secondary animal to you and fixed elements such as fire, water, wood and metal, to further define your personality.

Furthermore, zodiac has had long standing cultural significance in eastern cultures. Enough that there is even a very popular anime about it. Mind you they make anime about anything so that shouldn’t count for much. What about Western Zodiac?

So Western Zodiac is very similar to what Irina was talking about. Western astrology relates to how our human affairs are influenced by the movements and positions of the solar energies. They influence our personalities, how we handle situations, how we express ourselves, and even down to why we are having a bad week. What’s going on with the planets (that deal with different properties of life) creates energy and that energy affects us.

Instead of being based on a yearly orbital period, Western Astrology is monthly (sort of). Classifying someone to a sign by their exact birth time. In Western pop culture, you often find astrology reduced to sun sign astrology (the position of the sun when they were born) For example, if you were born on Sept 4th you are a Virgo, March 12th is Pisces, etc. However, you also have a Moon sign (your intuition, how you handle emotions,  and what you already know), a Rising sign (what people see when they first meet you), a Mercury sign, Venus sign, Jupiter…like up to 15 more! That’s all based on your exact time and location of birth.

And before we close off this introduction, let’s take a second to remember why the cat is not part of the Zodiac:

Long ago, God told all the animals he was throwing a banquet tomorrow, and not to be late. The mischievous rat told his neighbor, the cat, that the banquet was the day after tomorrow. So, the next day, all the animals lined up for the banquet, and the rat rode there all the way on the cow’s back.

All the animals had fun, except for the cat, who was at home sleeping and dreaming for a banquet that would never come.  

So, now that that’s out of the way, I’ll kick off the Zodiac fun with Ayame Sohma! Let’s get rolling! And trust me…this will be awesome!

Ayame Sohma:

So can you guess what Zodiac he is?

If you guessed Sagittarius then you hit the nail on the head! Based on his slightly androgynous physical features, especially his hair, and his flamboyant personality it makes total sense. Aya has a thin, tall frame with long, silver-grey hair much like his younger brother Yuki (but obviously MUCH longer). You will find him dressed in rather flamboyant outfits that reflect a Chinese design.

He is hella flamboyant and overconfident (SAGITTARIUS) and often speaks pretty highly of himself compared to others. Sagittarians are also known to be very self indulgent since things come so easily to them. They are a Fire sign and fire signs are known to be fortunate because of their charisma and sociable personality. This proves well in Ayame’s case for he is very charismatic and you will definitely find him indulging himself in the latest fashion…or at least Shigure. Fire signs are also known to be very vivacious and lively…which is definitely Aya for you.


Ahhh my dear Aya. My second favourite character in Fruits Basket. Those of you who know me, probably aren’t that surprised.

Ayame is the Snake. If you aren’t all that familiar with Chinese zodiac the name already has certain connotations. After all, snakes play a pretty big role in a lot of mythologies. And Ayame does somewhat fit the bill. Deceptively carefree with an edge to him. Seductive…or is that just me?

And snakes don’t exactly have the best reputation in their zodiac either. They are known to be mischievous, occasionally even malevolent and one should always be on their guard when a snake is around. It seems that the members of the Sohma family are already aware of that as their relations seem to be mostly wary. The charisma associated with sagittarius is reflected as something potentially dangerous in snakes. It is there however as these cunning beasts know how to get their way.

But it’s not all bad. Snakes are magicians known for sharp brains and silver tongues. If you can get one on your side, they can be a great strength. And when they truly care about something or someone, their passion is difficult to match.

We never get to know Ayame too well in the series but he does seem to fit the profile pretty well. He remains on the more harmells side of the personality, more flighty and nonchalant rather than downright evil but you know you shouldn’t cross him. This said, maybe he just managed to keep his true intentions well hidden!

Hope you all enjoyed that little spiel on Aya. And now I’ll hand the Zodiac baton to Irina so she can post our next Sohma ,who is probably my personal favorite… HATSUHARU! So check out her blog for the Chinese Zodiac perspective of Ayame and Hatsuharu.

Take care and stay awesome!

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