Zodiac Wedesday: Shinya Kogami

Kings and Queens and those in between it is Wednesday! And not only am I back with some Astrology but I’m back with Astrology AND SOME HOT MEN! Well, one of them at least.

Enforcer Shinya Kogami from the crime hit series Psycho Pass. Today we will be figuring out what are his Big 3 signs!

You know how this works by now! Let’s do it!


So Kogami without a doubt attractive and pretty athletic! Hence the mad boxing skills shown above. He is tall and has dark shaggy hair. Already based on his beauty, bad boy charisma, and athleticism , I’ll say he’s either a Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries. When you lay eyes on him, it would be normal to be slightly intimidated. He has a fierce but cold glare with a mysterious presence. He is not very charismatic but has the presence of your James Dean bad boy leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets (Major Fire sign trait or even a Scorpio Rising).

He definitely grabs the attention of your hormones. At least he did with Detective Akane as she tried to catch a peak of Kogami’s muscular build. (FYI…Girl, next time look with your eyes and not your head. It won’t be AS obvious)


This is a tough one. Kogami is not the most open there is when it comes to emotion. He is pretty level-headed and detached when working a case and plays almost every situation cool allowing him to tap into his sharp instincts and powerful insight. Keen instincts, intuition, and great insight are all something you will find in a Water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). Since these instincts are something he is a natural at tapping into, especially under difficult circumstances, I would say his Moon is in a water sign. This would make him highly intuitive, very psychic, but also very emotional. Kogami is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve however everyone experiences deep emotions. His are just not out for the public to see. That being said, there’s only Water sign like that.

Although he takes a lot of risks, he has the rest of the team appalled at how well he gets results. But, something to take note of is his obsession with taking down Makishima, Kogami’s arch rival. He is relentless on hunting down Makishima and making him pay for his crimes. You’ll tend to find this tenacity in your Fire signs but also Scorpios as well if they have an emotional attachment to the person or situation.

Alright, I’m pretty confident in this verdict. It’s a pretty intense combination though. You think you got it?

Drum Roll Please!!

The Zodiac Verdict is…

Leo ♌

Scorpio Moon ♏ & Scorpio Rising♏

So anyone who knows Astrology knows that this combination is WILD! His Leo Sun is what makes him hot, attractive, athletic, and could allow him to be admired by everyone but that Scorpio Rising deflects all of that social energy. Don’t get me wrong! That Scorpio Rising makes him even hotter (Astrology Math: Dark Sexy Scorpio rising + Hot Leo = DAMN) but Scorpio is not the social butterfly. Scorpio would much rather be in its own world doing its own thing. Scorpio Rising does add an “edge” to the native. And it brings transformation and learning to transform the self through conflict, challenge, and letting go. And if you’ve seen Psycho Pass then you know this is literally all Kogami goes through and tries to understand. Letting go of the past and Makishima in order to transform but his Scorpio Moon doesn’t allow him to let go that easily. Once a Scorpio Moon native emotionally attaches themselves to someone or something, you are not shaking them! And then adding his Leo Sun in the picture (a very stubborn sign) does NOT lessen his obsession. It actually heightens it.

As we all know, Kogami does not let us in on his private life or his emotions… Welcome to the wold of Scorpio. Scorpio Sun, Rising, or Moon are nothing but privacy when it comes to emotions. They are the sign that “hold their cards close to their chest”. Instead of letting the world know how they feel, they would much rather dive deep into their emotions on their own so they can transform by themselves and keep their true feelings to themselves. Kogami rarely opened up throughout the show, but when he did, it was like watching a storm of deep emotions barraging out!

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Take care and stay awesome!

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