5 Anime You Haven’t Heard Of But Should Watch

We both know our One-Punch Man, our My Hero Academia, our Cowboy Bebop, and the new anime of the season but there are still thousands of other anime out there that you’ve probably never heard of but still have a compelling story. Don’t forget, these shows were new and on the “Whatever Season of Whatever Year” list by Crunchyroll as well but sometimes we don’t get to all sixteen anime of every season. That’s a lot.

Which is why I bring to you the first series of my “5 Anime You Haven’t Heard of But Should Watch” list…I’ll probably come up with another title later.

BUT FOR NOW, let’s get movin!

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

So I had no idea what I signed up for when I saw this show but HOLY FUCK! It was much better than expected.

The story follows two children, a brother and sister, named Yuuki and Mirai who take a trip to a Robot Exhibition away from home in the Tokyo prefecture, however, a MASSIVE earthquake at magnitude 8.0 stirs while on their trip and now the two have to find a way to get back home through the completely destroyed Tokyo. Along their journeys they befriend a woman named Mari who lives near Yuuki and Mirai’s neighborhood and makes a pack with the children to get them home safely on her way to her home. However, being miles away from home, the three have a long journey ahead of them and are completely unaware of the many dangers the earthquake and its ongoing aftershocks has in store for them.

This anime is very heart-moving and filled with suspense. The story plays at your heart strings a little when you are introduced the dysfunction of Yuuki and Mirai’s family. This adds a huge dynamic to the plot after the earthquake because you know that Mirai and her mother have a very rough relationship where Mirai has been very selfish towards mom but now you are seeing her worry if her mother and father are still alive.

This anime has a surprising amount of accuracy to it as well. It not only animates this massive earthquake very appropriately but has a very accurate simulation of the aftershocks, the damage that can be done, how the city of Tokyo would evacuate residents to shelters….everything to a Tee. They even have a screen showing that thorough research went into making this anime as realistic as possible.

I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENS IN THE LAST 3 EPISODES, but I will say it catches you completely off guard (in a way). You’ll see.

I give it a 9/10!

Eden of the East

No the show is not about ass or extremely forward sexual innuendos. The adventures are dial down on the “Oh my! Grab the pearls around your neck” kind of moments after the conflict of the series is introduced at the end of episode 1.

The flasher above, Akira Takizama (at least that’s who he thinks he is), wakes up naked outside the White House (yeah you see his ass again) with a gun in one hand, a cellphone in the other, and no memories whatsoever literally in the first three minutes of the anime. We are learning about Takizama at the same time he’s learning about Takizama. He doesn’t know his cellphone gives him instant access to over 10 billion yen and a woman who can make his most outlandish requests a reality, he doesn’t recall his connection to the ongoing missile attacks terrorizing Japan, he has no memory of the part he played in the sudden disappearance of 20,000 shut ins, and, to make this even more bizarre, he doesn’t remember that he has to be the “Savior” or he will be murdered.

I already said too much. I’m just going to let you watch this now so you can find out what I mean by “Savior”.



Such a psychological thriller for eleven episodes !

This anime follows the story of a man named Satoru Fujinuma who is an aspiring manga artist who discovers he has the ability to travel back in time to prevent life-threatening events from happening. His time traveling abilities are typically a jump 5 minutes back in time, however, after he was framed for the murder of a loved one, he travels back eighteen years ago to when he was eleven years old when the killer has killed two young girls and a young boy in his hometown. Fujinuma is thrown this far back in time because apparently to prevent his loved one’s death he needs to prevent the killer from killing a specific person from his past.

This anime is such a ride! The end of every episode is a cliff hanger and you’re on the edge of your seat every scene because you what is going to happen…you know how it’s going to happen… but you’re curious to find out if Fujinamea will make it in time to prevent it from happening. And to top it all off, you would never guess who the killer is! Personally I felt pain in my heart witnessing Fujinama’s journey. How he was framed, how he was betrayed, seeing who died, seeing who he had to protect…it’s amazing!

I give it a strong 10/10

Terror In Resonance

This anime is beautiful! Not Violet Evergarden beautiful but more like Durarara edge meets Steins;Gate profoundness. Yeah, imagine that… Or instead of imagining you can watch it!

This story starts us off with action! We witness a terrorist attack against a Japanese nuclear facility lead by two boys who leave behind nothing but three large letters spray painted in red on the floor: VON. Six months later a video of the two teenagers hits the internet revealing themselves as “Sphinx” and directly challenging the Tokyo Police Department threatening to cause mass destruction throughout the city. Their motive? We don’t know. But we do find out more and more after every terrorist they make.

One day, the two boys, named Nine and Twelve, encounter an depressed high school girl named Lisa in the midst of one of their attacks. However, now that she has been seen with them she can no longer go back to her normal life. They give her the choice to join them or die.

This anime is pretty inviting from the first episode and has a lot of momentum in the beginning. It tells a pretty profound story that you wish didn’t last only 11 episodes.


Angel Beats

Boy! I tell you after episode 3 , you start feeling every emotion over this anime.

This story takes place at a high school complex set in the afterlife, a sort of limbo where mainly high school students who have experienced trauma or hardships in life learn to let go of the baggage they have been carrying and these lingering attachments before finally going on to their next life. Even though this is an afterlife, these people still do feel pain, get hungry, go to sleep, etc.

Our protagonist, Yuzuru Otanashi, wakes up in this afterlife with amnesia of his previous life. As you can see this makes it pretty difficult for him to let go of baggage…when he doesn’t even remember what it was. Upon awakening he meets this girl, Yuri Nakamura, who invites him to join the SSS (the Shinda Sekai Sensen aka the Afterlife Battlefront), an organization she leads to fight against God for allowing the students to live through such cruel experiences in life. Their enemy: Angel. The Student Council President with supernatural powers who the SSS believe is associated with God.

This anime is very well done and is very profound from the scenes to the music of the show. ESPECIALLY THE MUSIC. The live acoustic piano sounds of the opening and ending song accompanied by the melodic synths are absolutely beautiful. (Fun fact: I learned this on piano myself…NOT EASY but still gorgeous.) And the writers take this beautiful action to where you see every character from the anime featured in the ending song, BUT during each episode a characters passes on, and when they do, they disappear in the ending theme! It’s such a small detail but adding those tiny moments into an anime are what give the series their “flavor”. Their “punch”. It shows how much thought went into making the series. You just have to watch it and cry. Go do it!


Have you seen any of these anime? What do you think of them?

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As always take care and stay awesome!

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  1. ospreyshire says:

    I’ve seen Angel Beats for the first time last year. I’ve heard of the others, but I haven’t seen them. I guess some anime I like that not many people heard of would be Yugo the Negotiator, Texhnolyze, Shinesman, Millennium Actress, Shamanic Princess, and Now and Then Here and There.


    1. Mamma says:

      I’ve seen Millennium Actress surprising enough! It has a really good feel to it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ospreyshire says:

        Awesome! That is certainly a great film.


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