Zodiac Wednesday: Revy

It’s time to play the game, “GUESS THEIR SIGN”! Or simply just read and learn about the character’s zodiac sign.

This week we have the famous “Two Hands” herself. The gun-slinging, foul mouthed, fearless, rude as hell, don’t take shit from anyone, emotionally repressed, but still a badass, REVY from Black Lagoon!

Le’ts get this started!


On the exterior, Revy is a fierce young woman in a simple black crop top and booty shorts. Though showing know interest in sexual encounters, she sure is a femme fatale. She has even stated that she is doing men a favor claiming they rather be put down by a beautiful woman versus the opposite.

She appears athletic and sporting some ink on her right arm. Not only that, but she also has high precision with the shooting and MAD athleticism allowing her to survive the countless shootouts she puts herself in. The people on the island of Roanapur know who Revy is and fear her. She has built up a reputation on the island as the famous “Two Hands”, a sharpshooter who rarely ever misses her target and doesn’t think twice to kill you. People see a fierce lioness when they lay eyes on Revy, however, they don’t see what actually lies deep, deep, DEEP beneath that fire. We will talk more about that further down.

Due to her athleticism. high sex appeal, badass persona, and the ferocious presence she gives off, I’m definitely going to say she has either some Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Aries qualities. These signs when either in a Sun or Rising placement are stunning on the eyes and have this magnetic appearance that make people desire them.


Not only does Ms. Rebecca look like a bombshell, she acts like one, too. Loud-mouthed, rude, undiplomatic, straightforward, and sarcastic, Revy is not someone who I would take out into a civil environment with. You gotta think though, for the past few years she has been living her life as a mercenary in a city where there is more crime than in Compton, CA and she has a very traumatic upbringing. You don’t learn manners while being a bounty hunters. Especially if you are someone like Revy.

She’s fearless when it comes to the battlefield or speaking her mind, however, she has many fears that lie underneath the surface. One of them is her fear of being powerless. This more than likely roots to the physical abuse she received from her father quite often growing up. On top of the abuse from her father she was also raped by a police officer when she was a teenager. This would definitely would be a catalyst for having a constant need for power and even receiving pleasure from inflicting pain on others. Revy’s character was actually written in the manga of Black Lagoon to work in and S&M club in Roanapur to help alleviate her sadist desires. The only reason why I bring this up is our upbringing has a huge impact on how our signs and planets resonate with us. Just because I have Aquarius moon doesn’t mean the other person with a moon in Aquarius will be the same way. So for Revy, because of all the trauma she went through and the path she took the suppress that trauma, more than likely her moon sign deals is a sign that can easily be darkened if brought up in an abusive or emotionally depriving home. I’d say this would fall in to the water sign category (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). Water signs tend to be the most affected and emotionally repressed from the dark pasts.

One other character trait to bring into light is that she HATES vulnerability. There have been few times where Rock has questioned her judgment stating that what she was doing wasn’t right and her whole presence flipped. She would flat out raise a gun to his head and be two seconds away from pulling the trigger because she cannot stand it when someone tell her the truth about her deep rooted issues. She even tends to alienate herself from the rest of the team to prevent exposure of her own weakness and vulnerability. HELLA water sign trait! Especially in your Cancers and Scorpios.

Alright let’s tally the results. Do you think you can guess her sign?

My Zodiac Verdict is:


Moon in Scorpio

The Sun in Leo makes sense for the athleticism and toned physique as well her very competitive attitude, ferocity, beauty, and her loud mouth. Hey, the lion’s gotta roar. On top of that, she is loyal to those she considers her allies and can be a bit selfish at times.

I bestowed the Scorpio in Moon for her mainly because of her emotional suppression. Scorpio is a super complicated sign (actually the most complicated ) when it comes to emotions. They don’t do vulnerability and the Scorpio natives main mission in life is to transform with all the dark obstacles Life throws at them and understand the sensitivity of their emotions as well. With Moon in Scorpio, Ms. Revy experiences powerful emotions, a heavy sense of privacy, and a tendency to protect herself from vulnerability. Typically Scorpio Moon natives have emotional suppression and obsessive behavior, however, the upbringing can make or break how severe this emotional suppression is and what they would obsess over. And the more the traumatic the childhood, the darker and more emotionally repressed the Moon in Scorpio becomes. Almost drowning out all of the Sun sign’s characteristics and showing more Moon traits at times. Remember what I said earlier about our Moon sign. Our moon sign shows the traits that already exist in us, meanwhile, our Sun sign are the traits we learn to obtain in life. In this case, Revy knows Scorpio best(transformation, dark energy, emotional repression, and wanting to hide vulnerability but knowing you shouldn’t) but is currently learning how to be a Leo (have confidence in herself fully, being fearless, becoming more in tune with sexual presence and knowing how to use it, and learning how to open up more. )

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