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The Promised Neverland Season finale Review


Hello hello to all my beautiful people out there! Just recently the season finale (yeah…season not series) of The Promised Neverland premiered and all I’m gonna say is if you haven’t watched it you haven’t lived yet. So go watch it, catch up on the show because this review is about to GO IN on some spoilers.

A Little Recap:

To recap from the last post, the plan to escape has been accomplished. Through all of the obstacles, twists, turns, and loss, Emma, Ray, and a lot of other children finally managed to escape using the tools the late Sister Krone provided before she passed (RIP) and the ingenious plan Norman left behind for he “was adopted.” Isabella (aka Mom) has been a sharp observer and, for a long time, has been able to snuff out the light of the the children’s plans every time, HOWEVER, what she did not expect was for Ray and Emma to go as far as setting the house on fire to distract her. This allowed the children time to make it to the wall and initiate their mission! OPERATION: RUN!!!

The Escape:

They did it! They finally escaped! The main conflict. The desire. The goal of the whole season has been accomplished! The creators did an awesome job at solving the immediate situation meanwhile still leaving other conflicts unresolved. It’s perfect because those other problems (why are there demons and why this a dystopian society) are not as urgent as the escape. Those other problems spiced it up by and left us wanting to know more and why. But any good writer is not going to give away all of their tricks in one act. It keeps us watching and waiting to see if we will get the answers we have been waiting for. We will more than likely have all of our questions answered in time with the oncoming seasons.

But as for now, the immediate dilemma has been addressed. Emma, Ray, and all the children over 4 years old have escaped. Yep, I said it. All the kids under the age of four were left behind but with good intention. Emma was completely on the fence with this decision but based off Norman’s doubts, Ray’s realism, and Gilda’s fears, she became uncertain about the smaller children’s survival out there in the unknown world. So she made the executive decision to leave every child under four behind but to come back for them within two years since the demons do not harvest any children until they are six years old.

One child under four who actually knew something was up was Phil. Emma then confronted Phil telling him everything about what the orphanage really is and asked him if they should leave the children under four behind. Surprisingly enough, Phil was completely fine with that. That being said, he volunteered himself to take on the role of looking after the children and getting them physically ready for the next escape in two years before the next harvest. This sudden spotlight on Phil indicates he is still a bit of a wild card but will obviously have a larger role in ongoing seasons.

Isabella’s Past:

So let’s talk about my girl Isabella…

I did not expect anything!

For the first 10 episodes, we saw Isabella as this cold, evil woman who just cares about establishing her name in this society of demons. She was the biggest obstacle for the children. She always ruined their plans, she broke Emma’s leg so she wouldn’t escape, she had Sister Krone killed… I personally wanted one of the kids to just kill her right there. BUT…when episode 10 came around and she comforted Emma when Norman was “adopted” that became a game changer for me. That scene revealed a little bit of her character that has been subdue under the black & white dress and forced demeanor. I told myself, “I guarantee you the reason why she is comforting her, is because she was in her shoes at one time.” AND I WAS RIGHT!

This episode gave us a full flashback scene to almost justified why Isabella is who she is today. Much like Emma, she was raised on a farm and she did have a friend she was supremely close to on the farm. We saw playful memories of her sneaking up to him so she could listen to him play this beautiful melody on this traditional Japanese instrument. But like all the children on the farm, her friend was harvested much like Norman. When she was “adopted” she was offered to be a Mom in training much like Emma however she took the opportunity to be a Mom because she wanted to survive probably in honor of her friend.

This heartfelt flashback also reveals to us Isabella actually gave birth to a child. Guess who it is? Ray!


Not only that, but we get to see Isabella in a completely different form. Her hair released from the harsh hair tie we always saw it in. Long hair blowing the breeze and for once wearing a genuine smile. Isabella has finally dropped her facade and even went on to saying, “My dear children…go on. Please be careful. I pray one day you find the light.” Actually wishing them safe travels on this journey.

The creators did an exceptional job at not revealing too much of Isabella too soon. I knew there was more to her than what meets the eyes, and there definitely was. If they revealed her past in episode six, then it would give away too much.


Norman! My man! Coming through when we least expected it. Even Ray was surprised how the whole plan came together admitting that Norman outplayed him but grateful he did.

What I respect most about Norman was that he knew he was going to die but that didn’t stop him from devising this plan for everyone else to escape…but let’s be honest is he really dead? Just thinking back to when he was “adopted”, we didn’t see him die. We just saw him stand in front of a bright light. And we keep seeing an illusion of him talking to Emma and Ray in almost every episode after his death. I personally think he’s still alive.

Random Assumption Time: Think about it. In a world where all children are to be harvested, they have to have someone to keep reproducing these children. There have to be some men and women to keep the production going…Just saying.

All in all, I think this season was phenomenal giving us just the right amount of information to form questions but not answering all of them. That way we can find out more in Season 2! That’s right I got an email in last night from that the next season will premiere in 2020!! Super stoked!

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