Zodiac Wednesday: Koro Sensei

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another Zodiac reveal!

Today we will be looking at the detonating, talking octopus we all love… Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom.

Without further ader… let’s get rollin!


Well…he’s a giant, yellow Octopus with regenerative tentacles and skin that cannot be pierced by human weapons and a smile that never goes away unless you REALLY piss him off… This won’t really help in the verdict that much so let’s look into his personality to figure out more about his Zodiac sign.


Koro Sensei generally has a jovial and silly demeanor throughout each episode. He’s filled with wisdom. He’s always ready to lend a helping hand and probably look at inappropriate magazines at work, but we do see his dark side. Don’t forget our jovial and silly Koro Sensei is, in fact, ex-pro assassin “The Reaper” (the Original Reaper) who had a reputation for always eliminating his target. This hostility and aggression is only brought to the surface when you mess with his students. Let’s look back to when Terasaka tried to sacrifice Nagisa in order to kill Koro Sensei… that did not fly with him. The room suddenly got darker and filled with smoke, his ear-to-ear smile began to transform into this menacing grin, his face turned black and wrinkled into what resembled a demon. We only see this form maybe three times throughout the whole series but when it happens you don’t want to be around him. He actually threatened the students’ families if they ever pulled a stunt like that again. This aggression also shows when he’s very disappointed in his students. This sort of anger centered around the people you love can be a component of many signs but particularly Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) are the ones we see driven emotion like this.

Water signs also have an innate need to nurture, support and protect. I don’t know if you’re up to date with Assassination Classroom but you find out that everything Koro Sensei does and has done was all to support and nurture his students and those he loved.

One of Koro Sensei’s strongest attributes was his ability to connect to each of his students individually. Being the empathetic, observant, and objective person he was allowed his students to open up to him without any force really. He just connected with them on a personal level when they really needed it. This is definitely a trait you find in Cancer and Pisces. The peacekeepers. The ones who have an open ear and an open heart when needed.

Something else to take note of is Koro Sensei’s past. How he became a pro assassin and the factors that led up to it. He had a pretty rough childhood and grew up in an environment where no one could be trusted.


My Zodiac Verdict is:


Cancer Moon

Super caring, empathetic, and super insightful. It’s no surprise our friendly octopus is a Pisces. Pisceans intuition reveal much to them about people and circumstances. Once they access their own self-awareness, they become supremely aware of their environment. Always one step ahead of people already knowing how they may respond. This ability is needed in the assassination industry, and it’s what gave Koro Sensei his title “The Reaper”. He is empathetic like a true Pisces easily connecting to those who need an open ear the most.

As for his Cancer moon…it is so spot on I almost wanted to call him a Cancer. Moon being the planet of intuition, emotions, and the part of us we already are and base most of our decisions off of. Cancer moon natives are strongly driven by emotion and have ever changing moods. Koro Sensei was genuinely happy however he did go through an array of motions and switched from them in no time. The color of his face will tell you! Koro Sensei has been through a lot in his lifetime. A lot of obstacles during childhood, a loss of self during his assassination career…he was lost in the waves. However, all of that changed when he met Arugi Yukimura (the love of his life). Even after he lost her, he still found his way when he started teaching the students. This is a definite Cancer moon attribute where they experience constant change within people in their lives but feel at best and most happiest when there is someone there for them to take care of. His Moon in Cancer gives him strong empathy for others and impels him to nurture, support, and protect those around him. As a result from this he easily connects with his students and receives great joy from seeing them thrive.

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