Zodiac Wednesday: Yuri Katsuki

Hello to all my kings, queens, and those in between. Today we are giving the astrological spotlight to anime’s precious, handsome, and extremely talented figure skater: Yuri Katsuki from YURI!!! On Ice.

I’m so excited for this one. Yuri is actually one of my favorite anime crushes of all time.

Let’s get this started.


Since our rising signs are based on our appearance and what people see when they first meet us, we will look into his rising sign. Yuri has a very soft soft and warm presence. It’s very subtle and it makes you wanna go, “Awww.” This presence can only be achieved by few signs. Specifically two water signs. Pisces and Cancer.

Despite the very beginning of the show, Yuri has a pretty athletic build. He has sports a lean physique and is very agile as a figure skater. In the anime, he was actually known for his stamina and agility over his strength. Right off the back, I can tell you that our more fit and active Zodiac signs are our Aries and Leo and sometimes are Sagittarius. However, I highly doubt our sweet and fragile Yuri is a spicy Leo or quick witted Aries. I will say, from what I have studied, Sagittarius typically don’t have the drive or attraction for regular exercise UNLESS it’s disguised as something they see as fun. They get bored too easily so they need variety in their workout routine. And figure skating for Yuri is beyond fun! It’s what he loves doing and it sure is a way to keep the body in shape.


So I’m pretty sure we can come to agreement that Yuri has a glass heart and can easily be devastated in the face of failure. Remember when quit skating because he was so embarrassed about how he came in last place in the previous Grand Prix final and decided to eat his way through depression…for months! He is also quiet, easily embarrassed, doesn’t know how to handle pressure or being in the spotlight, and he can be intimidated pretty easily. HOWEVER…aside from all of those mutable personality traits and cons, he is kind, he is smart, and he is sexy as hell! These are all traits that again will find in your Cancer and Pisces rising folk.

Let’s not forget he is mad talented! Very artistic and once he finds confidence in himself, that artistry shows in every movement he makes in the rink. That is something he has struggled greatly with. Finding confidence in what he does. Taking the self and finding a sense of individuality and confidence within that individuality.

I think I nailed this one in the bag.


My Zodiac Verdict Is:


Pisces Rising

So here me out on the Sagittarius part. He may not act like a fire sign but a lot of time our Moon and Rising signs are the qualities already ingrained in our personalities. Our Sun sign (Sagittarius in his case) however is typically the sign we are learning how to become as we age and as we experience life. Yuri is very toned like a lot of Sagittarius men but he only exercises through dance and figure skating. Yeah we have seen him run and go through Victor’s boot camp in the show so he can get back in tip-top figure skating shape, however…he kinda sucked at it. And wanted to give up easily. But when it comes to dance or skating, he’s all about that shit no matter how hard on the body it is. He is also extremely competitive and sometimes holds himself to too high of standards which is practically a Sagittarius code they take on when they are born. He’s also pretty stubborn and can be very distant when first introduced to love. Remember when he was trying to avoid Victor when Victor first showed up in Japan, and then when he realized he couldn’t avoid Victor, he didn’t show his true emotions about the situation between him and Victor until over time? Not all Sagittarius do that… BUT IT’S DEFINITELY A SAGITTARIUS THING.

Now the Pisces rising, I called that the minute I laid eyes on him in episode 1. Quiet, kind, easily embarrassed, soft and warm presence, doesn’t know how to handle the spotlight or pressure, dependent, intimidated easily… all Pisces rising traits. But there were three traits that allowed solidified my verdict! 1.) He plays the role of the victim when he is reminded about the hard facts of reality. When he needs help, his first reaction is definitely not to take the situation head-on but to avoid it. WATER SIGN TRAIT. 2.) He has an inherent challenge knowing how to project the self outward, as stated earlier, to develop of sense of individuality and confidence within that. This sense of individuality is very much at odds with the elusive and bendable personality of Pisces sun or rising natives. 3.) He is very artistic in his movements. Pisces rising natives are very artistic and are typically talented in movement such as dancing, skating, etc. For Yuri, this would DEFINITELY be in his figure skating and dancing. The Pisces need to express emotions through art and movement makes figure skating a perfect career for Yuri.

Now let’s take a moment to admire a GIF of Yuri utilizing his newfound sense of individuality and confidence while moving artistically with his tongue.

Lick them lips!

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