If You Like Code Geass Then Check Out These Anime

Hey everyone! You know when people first find out you’re a major Weeb and they ask, “What anime do you recommend?”

Me: “Hang on a sec. Let me just pull out my list here…”

Honey, I’ve probably seen more anime than I have taken breaths! Let’s start with, “What anime have you seen and liked a lot?”

No one has specifically said Code Geass however it is a highly acclaimed anime and manga that had cosplayers around the world imitating the famous Zero and won the Seiyu Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. So for all you Code Geass lovers and Lelouch fans here are some anime that I highly suggest for you to check out!

Let’s go! Autobots! Roll out! (Get it? Because Code Geass was a mecha anime and the Transformers were mecha… yeah probably bad joke… but onward!)


This anime literally screams Code Geass… in space!

Teleportation from the Earth to Mars was possible using a hypergate on the Moon. Those who settled there discovered a technology far Superior than that of Earth that they named Aldnoah. This discovery lead to the rise of the Martian Empire and a war against the “terrans”, the humans who stayed on Earth. However a battle on the moon called “Heavens Fall” caused the hypergate to explode and destroyed the moon. Shortly after, the two worlds established a ceasefire, but the Martians got the shorter end of the stick because now their resources are quickly diminishing and Aldnoah’s power is fading away.

Where the story starts is when high school student Inaho Kaizuka of Earth witnesses the plotted assassination of Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia of the Martian empire who came to Earth to repair the relationship between the two planets. The ceasefire ended and the Martians declared war on the Terrans once again. Earth is heavily outmatched because of the advanced weaponry and far superior mechas, however, Inaho Kaizuka becomes the center of the war when he and his friends are unwillingly dragged into the fight leaving them no choice but to survive and seek revenge.

How is it similar to Code Geass: Everything! High School student casually living his life until a militant empire attempts to destroy his homeland putting him in the middle of the fight after he and his friends are backed into a corner by the empire’s forces. After that, he joins a team to fight against the super powerful mechas. Don’t get me wrong Code Geass had many more elements added to it but it is pretty entertaining.

Knights of Sidonia

Yes another Mecha anime. Big surprise but the tale of this one is quite interesting. This spaceship called”Sidonia”, contains a living facility for the remaining humans still alive after the Gauna has destroyed Earth. The Gauna are these colossal alienetic creatures that attack and kill anything in their way. This story centers around a teenage boy, Nagate Tanikaze, who is in training to pilot of one of the guardian mechas of Sidonia that fight the Gauna, aka the “Knights”.

Why You’ll Like It: It tells a pretty good story of a team of pilots fighting to save the human race against aliens with a little bit of political corruption involved as well. The overall tone of the show feels darker than Code Geass specifically because they are in space throughout the whole series. The lack of sunlight and a sky in general can really put some weight on the tone. However if you’re looking for depth, a story of survival, and Mecha… this is it!

Mobile suit Gundam

It’s safe to say that it wasn’t for anime like Gundam to pioneer the Super Robot anime category then Code Geass would probably not have existed.

In the year Universal Century 0079, the space colonies under the Principality of Zeon have declared war on the Earth Federation. However, the Earth Federation has been piloting and testing a new robot for use in this kind of scenario: RX 78 Gundam mobile suit. Here’s the catch…the mobile suit was forced into combat with a civilian pilot and an untested crew before it could be transported to Earth. Can the ragtag team of novices fight their way through the most elite fighters of Zeon in order to transport this mobile suit to Earth?

Why You’ll Like It: This is one of the anime that inspired modern day Mecha anime such as Code Geass featuring realistic themes, war planning strategies, romance, and dark subject matters. Though there are multiple series in the Gundam franchise, every one of them dives into these complex elements that you can spot in Code Geass, as well.

No Game No Life

So there’s no mecha here, however, there is a lot of strategic thinking much like in Code Geass. No Game No Life tells a story of a brother/sister duo, Shiro and Sora (aka Blink in the video game world), who are master gamers and never lose a battle. One day, they are invited to play chess by this user name Tet. Once they won, they were summoned to a world where everything is based around the thing they loved the most: games. With gambling at every turn and risk around every corner, the two get further and further involved into the political corruption and ongoing between the kingdoms of this new world. But Blink has the strategic skills and gaming knowledge to take on whatever comes their way. Even if it’s a virtual reality action game that determines the fate of the kingdom.

Why You’ll Like It: If you couldn’t get enough of Lelouch’s in-depth strategy planning then you will definitely enjoy the brother of the duo, Sora. He is a master tactician and has surprised me at the end of every game. Consistently raising the stakes and always taking greater risks, I have a feeling you will enjoy his character a lot. Also, Code Geass is nothing but a large game of Chess taken place inside Lelouch’s head. With every move Lelouch made he saw it as a chess move. Same goes for this series. There’s even a life-sized version of Chess in this show.

Death Note

Again. No mecha here but you do have a huge game of chess and strategies like Code Geass. Head of his class, Light Yagimi, is just your everyday high school student with a God- complex who stumbles upon a very ominous notebook that has a dark power: If a person’s name is written in this notebook while the writer imagines their face, he or she will die. At first, Light’s killings become somewhat excusable and just, for they were only of criminals. However, throughout the course of the show, the game becomes less about killing criminals and more about flashing his ego and using his new godlike powers on who he deems is unworthy. But a mysterious detective who goes by the Alias “L” becomes determined to put a stop to Light’s reign

Why You’ll Like It: It’s the main characters. Both series are pretty much a large game of chess thanks to our “protagonists”. Lelouch and Light both delivered exceptional strategies in order to best the opposing side, and they both shared very similar perspectives on justice. They had these ideologies that they were the symbols of justice because they murdered criminals or murdered oppressors of the people, when in reality, they become exactly what they try to eliminate.

Honorable Mentions:

Gurren Lagann

Guilty Crown

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


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As always, take care and see ya next time!

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