Zodiac Wednesday: Annie Leonhart

Hello to all my kings, queens, those in between, and my Titan fiends! Today is Wednesday, so, of course, it’s time to get down with Astrology!

Today’s Zodiac Wednesday, we will be covering our favorite Ice Queen:

Ms. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan! Elsa is cool, too. But she doesn’t get the spotlight today.

Let’s get started!

We all know how Annie is. Ms. Independent with a fiery personality who does not rely on anyone but herself. She has established herself in the series and manga as non collaborative and her desire to make friends is minimal. She pretty much does her own thing and does it very well. On top of that, she wants no part in seemingly meaningless activities, social gatherings, or disciplines. So independent with a fiery personality who is extremely self reliant? I think I’m gonna bring my fire signs out for this one (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

What is up with me and all this fire lately?

Let’s not forget how intelligent and crafty she is. She has the ability to maintain a calm composure during the harshest of situations meanwhile crafting a plan to obtain her goal. This makes her a master tactician! Having the ability to think deeply while keeping a calm attitude in a pressuring situation. This is definitely and Earth sign trait with perhaps an Aries energy in there as well.

Let’s talk about her appearance. She seems rather short compared to the other Cadets however she is extremely athletic and physically attractive (Beside the cold Ice Queen eyes). Even in Titan form she is pretty athletic compared to Reiner, Eren, and Bertholdt in their Titan forms. The physical body appearance can have a lot to do with one’s rising sign. In this case, our physically built and attractive rising signs that you may find with blond hair/blue eyes are our Aries and Leo rising.

My Zodiac Verdict:


Aries Rising & Virgo Moon

So I had to bring out the Big 3 (Sun, Moon, & Rising) on her because her personality isn’t just black and white.

She has the quick wit with a seriously deadpan, sarcastic sense of humor that only an Aries would know about. Her approach to everything is straight-forward and direct. She is very independent and self reliant which is where the Aries Sun and Rising comes into play. Your rising sign is typically the sign people see when they first meet you and can have a lot to do with early childhood and family conditioning. It also deals with physical body appearance. Annie is definitely an Aries rising considering that. Also, a trait of Aries rising is that they are so self-reliant that they have no need for collaboration if they know they can handle it (which is pretty much all the time). Aries rising does not like their time to be wasted and wants no part in something that’s not going to benefit their objective or mission… ANNIE! To a T!

What sold me even more on that she is an Aries Sun is because Aries typically is very assertive and passionate about what they want and can sometimes blaze out of control when really triggered or has had enough. Annie typically has a calm demeanor, but remember the time she lost it and beat the hell out of Reiner for his cowardice after Marcel was eaten? Yeah. And he even tried to manipulate her into continuing a mission she saw as pointless. Again, when an Aries sees something is pointless, they want nothing to do with it.

Last but not least, I had to include her Virgo Moon into the Verdict because what else would describe her critical thinking skills and her practicality. Aries are intelligent and quick on their feet but when you add the analytical thinking and calm demeanor of Virgo in the mix, then you have a master tactician! Someone who can think deeply and act quickly to set the plan in motion.

I want to hear from you! Drop some names of anime characters you’d like to see in a Zodiac Wednesday, and I’ll see if I can make it happen.

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