Anime That Can Weird You Out But You’ll Like Them Anyways

Okay. So saying a few anime are strange is an understatement. Anime, in general, is weird. But the anime on this list are on a whole other level of weird. AND WE LOVE IT!

These anime stand out among the crowd when it comes to weirdness and absurdity and randomness such as having psychic powers that allow you heal yourself from any cold or having a large octopus/weapon of mass destruction becoming your teacher… yeah shit gets weird.

But let’s get started. Shall we?

Funimation Viewing of “Assassination Classroom”

Assassination Classroom

I’m not gonna lie when I first saw this show I was so weirded out by the first ten seconds, I stopped watching it. However, after seeing the great reviews it had gotten, I came back to it a few months later and loved it. It is probably one of my favorite anime.

What Makes It “Strange”: I don’t know… it’s not the fact there is a ten-foot-tall yellow octopus with regenerative limbs, skin that cannot be pierced by normal weapons, and world-destroying abilities that has demanded the government to teach this class of outcasts or he will destroy the world. And on top of that, the federal government has assigned this class the mission to assassinate their teacher by graduation or the majority of humanity will be wiped out. It’s not that at all! It’s the fact that there are no main characters in this show. Every student in Class 3-E has a spotlight.

The outlandish plot, distinguishable characters, and strange premise set up the story for lots of comedic and pretty heartfelt moments, too. It’s not all about trying to kill this indestructible sensei at every moment the students can get or the government hiring a skilled, sexy assassin to be the students’ assistant teacher whom they politely nickname “Professor Bitch” or about one of the transfer students being a giant iPad. The levels this anime takes you go much deeper. Showing themes of friendship, love, courage long overdue, and how one person can have such an impact on the lives of many who were around them.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

This anime is probably one of my favorite newer anime out right now.

Filled with endless random but flowing vignettes and countless special effects, this anime follows the Disastrous (not so disastrous) Life of Saiki K, a young psychic with incredible supernatural powers who just wants to be in a world to his own but cannot manage that due to the many friends that have attached themselves to him.

What makes the show so hilarious is Saiki’s sassy, witty, but composed approach to all of his “over the top” friends and parents. I’m telling you everybody in this boy’s life is so extra that they always get into the most bizarre disasters or circumstances and end up dragging Saiki into it. Fortunately, he has Omega powerful psychic powers that allow him to “save the day” or reverse any damages done by his friends and parents… in every episode!

Even though Saiki rarely shows it. There are moments he is actually grateful for the friends he has. But that’s probably 2% of the time. The other 98% of the time he’s using his powers to make fleets of pollen appear to run away from his friends as they sneeze to near death.

What Makes this Anime “Strange”: Everything about it.

Ouran High School Host Club

Okay…It’s not that strange but there is something about it that I cannot get over.

What Makes This Anime “Strange”: I could never get past this when I was growing up or even now at 21. How in the hell is the school alright with these young high school boys “entertaining” other high school girls for profit? Shouldn’t this school be shut down? Shouldn’t this rich ass school be teaching these kids etiquette? It’s like their asking for teen pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong these boys are fine af but… still! And I don’t think these boys are just flirting with the girls as “providing entertainment”. That’s just what we saw on camera. I guarantee you that the bathroom is loaded with condoms.

*I’m getting off my rant soapbox now.

Ouran High School Host Club follows the story of Haruhi Fujioka, who accidentally stumbles across the charming Host Club of Ouran High. She ends up breaking a very expensive vase belonging to the host club, so now must serve under the host club until her debt is paid off.

All in all, this show is hilarious and shows cute boy on boy action from time to time. But a great message we learn from Haruhi and …. relationship in this show is that we often deny what we think we can’t have. Even now that I am an adult I look back on this anime and think, “Damn, there are kids do that we even do.” Yeah…reflect on that.

Mob Psycho 100

So everything about this anime is EXTRA! OVER-THE-TOP opening scene with purple beams shooting around a child (our protagonist) as he goes head to head with colossal, neon colored worms and crawling pink blobs. Lightning blazes from the sky followed by an explosion. Meanwhile, an on-screen-ticker climbs to 100. Apparently, when the number reaches 100, our protagonist, Mob, goes APESHIT like Beyonce. Then you’re not even spared a second of normalcy before the psychedelic opening number kicks in.

But besides all of that, this anime is pretty amazing and tells a pretty good story about how this middle school student finally understands what he wants to do instead of being paid a shitty wage by a con artist.

What Makes It “Strange”: Definitely the animation style and type. This is the kind of anime that is SUPERB but you would not recommend to someone not fully developed in the Otaku culture.  Its dramatic vocals, intense backdrops, exaggerated scenes, and psychedelic color scheme may cause a new member to run away and never return to the Weeb side. Just because it may be too strange for the average person. However, us Otaku can appreciate this anime’s signature look and the characters over-the-top antics.

Honorable Mentions:

Rosario + Vampire

High School DxD

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (I will say it should probably be on the list however I haven’t seen it all the way through)

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

This is probably only part one of this list. I am aware there are plenty of “strange” anime out there. I just probably haven’t seen or read them yet.

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As always, take care and see ya next time!

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