Zodiac Wednesday: Colonel Roy Mustang

Hello, hello! I want to congratulate everyone for tuning into today because today because today we are not figuring out the Zodiac of just anyone. No! Today we will be going into the depths of one of the sexiest and fearsome men in anime!

Kings, Queens, and those in between, I present to you Colonel Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Let’s get this sexy party started.

So there’s no doubt that Roy Mustang is attractive. His clean-shaven face and piercing dark eyes make him a real lady killer. In fact, he had a reputation in the anime for being an incorrigible womanizer. It wasn’t the highlight of the show, but it was subtly hinted that he spent much of his time with the various women in town wooing them with his charisma and good looks. That being said, not only does everyone else see him as attractive, but he even knows he’s attractive, and he uses that to his advantage. This is a very well-known Fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) and Virgo trait.

On the surface, Mustang seems pretty self-absorbed and shallow and is infamous among his subordinates and colleagues for the narcissistic aura he gives off. Think about it. He always nonchalantly avoided his duties and passed down his paperwork over to his subordinates meanwhile he idly sits at his desk making phone calls to women he’s probably slept with. The only times he actually takes action on duties is when it appears that glory and military status can be achieved or when it particularly sparks HIS interest. Not trying to roast any fire signs out there but this is definitely a Leo, Aries, and even Virgo trait.

We all know this famous scene! This was when Mustang lost it and started blasting one of the Homunculi to bits as vengeance for killing one of his closest comrades.

Those of you who know the scene in the GIF above, this actually shows Mustang’s inner core. Underneath all of that charisma, narcissism, self-indulgence, and self-absorption lies a very devoted and courageous heart. Behind that veil of self-importance and arrogance, lies a man who cares deeply about the people who trust and support him and would go to great lengths to protect them. He may pass all of his work to his subordinates but there is a reason why they stay by his side through it all. His vast loyalty earns him deep respect from his comrades.

My Zodiac Verdict:

Leo AF w/ Scorpio Moon

Is it a surprise the infamous Flame Alchemist is a fire sign?

He is super attractive. He is very charismatic. He knows he’s attractive and uses it to his advantage. He can be egoist with a smooth tongue and self-absorbed demeanor but despite all of that, his loyalty runs deep! He values the people around him and will do any means necessary to protect them, even if it means sacrificing his own life. He would also be a very “fiery” lover as well.

Where his Scorpio moon comes into play is in his intellect. With Moon being the planet of intuition and guidance, Mustang has a very keen perception and knows how to work people. Being a master manipulator, he thinks several steps ahead of those around him allowing him to have a talent for making people act exactly as he wishes and allow everyone to believe that they acted on their own accord without the work of his hands. When it comes to emotions, he shows his Scorpio moon by being distant from them. The Colonel rarely shows emotion in the series but when he does, it is very powerful. Like the time he went to his comrade’s funeral. He didn’t show his eyes however we could see tears running down his cheek. Or when he finally confronted the homunculi responsible for his comrade’s death. He showed the height of his aggression by charring the homunculi to a crisp.

Though his outward persona is very much like Leo (charming, attractive, self-absorbed, etc.) it acts as a great, possibly intentional, facade hiding his Scorpio intellect, perception, and manipulation skills causing those who are unfamiliar with the Colonel to underestimate him. So sexy Leo with the lip service of a Scorpio? No wonder why he made it to the high ranking position he did at such a young age.

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As always, take care and see ya next time!

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