Zodiac Wednesday: Princess Nausicaa

It’s Wednesday, everybody!

In honor of the film’s upcoming 35th anniversary, this Zodiac Wednesday will be dedicated to a classic. My favorite Studio Ghibli film and probably my favorite character of all time: Princess Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Shall we get started?

So, I’m not gonna lie. I had to do some serious digging for this one. Mainly because with the title “Princess of the Valley of the WIND”, most people think, “Oh yeah, she’s an air sign.” However, if you observe her character traits and how Miyazaki and his team designed her, she’s got a lot more layers than you think. For example, she is influential, she is brave, she is adventurous (Air sign traits) but at the same time, she is very loyal, wise, honest, and intelligent (Earth sign traits). To go even farther, she has a natural gift for communicating with insects and a strong affinity towards the forest which is the epitome of the Earth. Part of Nausicaa’s comes from a Japanese folk hero known as The Princess Who Loved Insects. But at the same time, she is frequently exploring this toxic wasteland and acts on ideology to discover the true nature and origin of the toxic forest, which is definitely an Air quality.

So let’s narrow down our choices:

Air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) and Earth (Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus).

Let’s continue on.

Miyazaki said it himself. “Nausicaa is not a protagonist who defeats an opponent but is a protagonist who understands and accepts.” When she found out her father was killed, yes, she acted out in rage and killed the Torumekian soldiers around her, but any human would react the same way if they were in that situation. But, after realizing what she did, she stated she doesn’t ever want to act that way again, and carries her quote, “this killing must stop,” throughout the entire story. The ideology of not wanting to win but to make peace is definitely a trait you will find in Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, and Aquarius.

Miyazaki continued to state that he wanted Nausicaa to seem she was in a different dimension compared to everyone else. Everyone else wanted to either avoid the miasmic forest or completely destroy it, meanwhile, Nausicaa is here going into the forest. Keeping it real, the sign out of all twelve of them that is known for being on another planet from the rest is Aquarius.

Awww… that scene was so touching. The baby Ohmu just missed their family and desperately wanted to see them again but they didn’t know the lake was poisonous. Nausicaa, using as much strength as she could, tried her best to prevent the Ohmu from getting into the lake. She even allowed her leg to get burned by the lake’s miasma in order to save the Ohmu. This was the heart Nausicaa had. She was willing to sacrifice her own life to save ALL those around her. This was not the only situation where she shows this trait. Let’s not forget the time she tried to aid the Torumekian ship that was flying over the valley, or the time she went back into the forest to save Mito and the others, or the time she saved Asbel from the insects…the list goes on. This is definitely an Earth sign trait you find in most Virgos and Capricorns.

This was probably one of my favorite scenes in the film. It is a very powerful, POWERFUL stance Nausicaa takes stating, “With your guns pointed at me, I will not fight. I will accept you. I stand firm where I am because I believe this killing must stop!”

When I saw this, I automatically had a flashback to my mother. One of the reasons, why I love Nausicaa so much is because she reminds me of everything about my mother. Her strength, her wisdom, her readiness to protect who she loves and put her own life on the line if it meant saving her children. Nausicaa is indeed a “Mother” where she treats everyone and everything around her as her children. Ready to defend and protect her babies. And we all know what member of the Zodiac that is…Virgo!

My Zodiac Verdict:


After a lot of debate and hair pulling, I am positive about this verdict.

She humane, peace-loving, honest, intelligent, and nurturing with the willingness to sacrifice herself to save someone else. All Virgo qualities. But what tipped me into believing that Nausicaa’s sun sign (who she is as a person, her core, her essence) is that in the manga, when the god soldier was activated, he chooses Nausicaa to be his “mother” and asks who do you want me to kill. Again, with Virgo being the Mamas of the Zodiac it makes sense. Another tip was that writing team stated that they intended for her to be seen as a Messiah. Another trait about Earth signs, especially Virgos, is that they are strong leaders and with the right amount of action can provoke change in the world.

Why I said she was Aquarius moon and rising was because the moon controls our thoughts and intuition. For Nausicaa to be Aquarius moon, this means that she is expansive in her thinking, she is different from the rest of the crowd, believes in self-expression, is curious that leads to adventure, and acts on ideology. All of this is Nausicaa. Unlike those who try to avoid the forest, she is scientifically and beatifically interested in it.

Her rising sign is most definitely Aquarius. Your rising sign is the sign people may think you are when they first see you. It’s your physical body. When people see her, they don’t see Virgo. They don’t see this super grounded, composed, and analytical individual. They see this Aquarius, free, adventurous, spirit who just wants everyone to live peacefully and happy.

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