BL Ships Pt. II: The Boys Who Definitely Have a Relationship But Behind The Scenes

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Hello, hello! To all my kings, queens, and those in between, I am here to grace you with the presence of more beautiful men of anime who have probably kissed or hooked up with each other behind our backs. Unlike the last ship list I made, “Unstoppable BL Ships”, where the boys obviously were in love with each other, this lists tackles the ships that may be a little more behind the scenes. However, when the camera is on, the sparks are definitely flying.

Let’s get started!

Midoriya x Todoroki (Midoroki) – My Hero Academia

Aren’t they cute?

Starting with one of the most popular ships right now, Midoroki!

Not only are they cute as a couple but how these two became friends (and possibly more) is very touching. Todoroki, from the beginning, had always been cold. He took on the attitude of, “I don’t need anyone. I can handle this on my own.” And because of that, he has shown a bit of arrogance. His biggest setback was that he refused to use the fire side of his quirk for it reminded him of his father, Pro-Hero Endeavor, too much. For him, his fire quirk has caused nothing but trauma and loneliness in his childhood and has sworn to never use it again since it makes him a “monster”…until Midoriya battles him during the UA Sports Festival. Todoroki was actually about to lose the match against Midoriya, but Midoriya refused to win against unless Todoroki was giving it his all. With the right words said, Midoriya had sparked inspiration in Todoroki, and allowed him to see his fire quirk in a whole new light. That this was a way of accepting who he was, not his father. He will not let the quirk he got from his father define him, he will define it. Ever since that day, the two have been close friends since.

If this doesn’t start a relationship, I don’t know what will. The amount of hope and encouragement that Midoriya gave Todoroki is so amazing. No one has ever shown Todoroki that kind of love and support before. It would be ridiculous if this ship wasn’t real.

Plus Midoriya was the first person that Todoroki “ripped his shirt off” for. Exhibit A:

Yuki x Akise – The Future Diary

Just saying…Yukise has a much better ring to it than Yunoki or Yuki.

(Those of you who have seen the show know what I’m talking about.)

So this pairing may not have happened in the show because Yuno was stuck up Yuki’s ass so much Akise didn’t have a chance to slide in, but what I will say about this pairing is that Akise had much more good intention for Yuki than Yuno did. If you don’t know the series, then you should know that Yuki (brown hair in GIF) is the protagonist who develops feelings for this Yandere girl named Yuno who, turns out, did some very terrible and desperate things in the series to be with Yuki. She veils her true intentions with the lie, “I’m doing this all for you, Yuki,” when she really just wants to please herself. None of it was really for him. But here we have Akise, who boldly confesses his love to Yuki, confronts God himself begging him to save Yuki from Yuno, and sacrifices his life four times for the man he loves to save him from Yuno’s corrupt plan. And yet Yuki still chose Yuno? I don’t know about you but it seems to me the one who really wanted the best for Yuki sounded like Akise. Yuno just confused her “love for Yuki” with the desire to not be alone.

This love definitely may have been one-sided but if Yuno hadn’t manipulated Yuki into thinking Akise was out to kill him, then the two of them would probably be sipping lemonade by the pool somewhere.

Karma x Terasaka – Assassination Classroom

Not gonna lie. Karma was a flirt. He definitely had his seductive mannerisms and some Sadist approaches to everyone he encountered but the one boy he teased the most was Terasaka. I mean think about it. It would be natural for the smaller, sadist bad boy who’s been kicked out of school to be enticed by the big, buff bad boy who doesn’t play by the rules…you practically have Bonnie & Clyde. Or at least the all leather jacket gang who skips every class.

Karma always calls out Terasaka on his low intelligence however he always turns the insult into something a little more scandalous by stating the irony that he may have no brains but has a lot of bronze. Or “Come on big boy. Use that head of yours.” It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to flirt without being insulting but it’s pretty hot. But in this relationship, I feel Karma is like hella gay but just enjoys seducing guys like Terasaka to see where it goes. Nothing serious. And Terasaka is the straight boy who is so straight he doesn’t mind when guys flirt with him or even rip off his shirt without consent (like in picture above) because he is that straight. Then, seven years later he realizes he is attracted to guys but doesn’t want to date them and ends up fooling around with them. (Don’t ask. I have vast experience in the gay culture.)

So yeah. You can say this relationship may be just sexual…but it’s hot as hell.

Eren x Levi – Attack on Titan

Who doesn’t love a good commander- subordinate relationship? Am I right?

Though there isn’t even a hint of romantic undertones in either the manga or anime and their relationship kind of skates around friendship, there is a sense of mutual respect between the two of them. You have Eren who respects and admires everything about Levi (his strength, his willpower, freedom from the outer walls, and his desire to avoid the fate set out for him), and you have Levi who sees Eren as humanity’s last hope and will stop at nothing to protect him so humanity can be restored. The components of this relationship may be linked to saving the world but this can be a great preface for a strong relationship.

Honestly, I can see these two sitting beside each other at night before their big battle against the Titans alongside a lake. Levi thanks Eren for all of his hard work and Eren thanks Levi for being strong support for him. The two get caught in the moment and they kiss right there. Then Levi shows his dominance and lays Eren on the ground. Levi’s neutral face makes it challenging for Eren to read him, but his actions prove he likes the feeling. (Or he’s really horny because he has been too concerned with chasing around Titans.) Levi low-key cuddles up to Eren because he actually likes the feeling. THE END.

Bakugou x Midoriya (Bakudoriya) – My Hero Academia

Ah. Probably the world’s favorite ship right now. But what’s not to love? You have the meek protagonist Izuku Midoriya who has been childhood rivals with the dominant, aggressive Kacchan Bakugou. This already sounds sexy. Any time you have the nerdy but cute fanboy protagonist who has always looked up to his cool, ill-tempered but popular James Dean rival, that shit’s gonna hit the hearts of girls and gay boys like a freight train. Plus, this is probably the hottest ship out of the Midoriya x Bakugou x Todoroki triangle.

However, what makes this ship so powerful is the history these two have between each other. Both of them have longed to become pro-heroes. Both of them have the same Pro-Hero idol who they looked up to with the highest regard. But only one of them actually had a quirk. Bakugou always looked down on Midoriya, but Midoriya never saw it as that. He always referred to Kacchan as his friend and looked up to him even though Bakugou had pushed him away in fear of his Midoriya’s spirit. When Midoriya stated he is aiming to get into UA (the most prestigious hero academy in Japan), Bakugou pretty much reminds him to learn his place in this world, that he will never be a hero. (I know. Cold, right?) He still is trying to snuff out Midoriya because of that fear his has of his tenacity. But, the tables are turned when their idol, Pro- Hero All-Might, passed on his quirk to Midoriya. Eventually, Midoriya skates pass Bakugou in means of strength and agility in his quirk. He actually begins to top his whole class. This turn of events sparks jealousy in Bakugou. This jealousy brews throughout the whole course of the show. The top dog couldn’t handle being put down by what used to be the underdog. He treated Midoriya with hostility and envy. Envy that we see unfold in the most recent season where he challenges Midoriya to a match. After this match, Bakugou finally gets the answer he is looking for and strangely begins to show kindness (in a Bakugou way) to Midoriya.

This, my friends, is the start of a blossoming relationship. A tale of two rivals who become so emotionally invested in despising/supporting each other they begin to understand each other more than anyone else has understood them. This relationship has come a LONG way. But when Bakugou realized that Midoriya has been with him the whole way and knows him more than anyone else does he start to let go of the past and open up to him.

Honorable Mentions:

Bakugou x Todoroki

Karma x Nagisa

Erwin x Levi

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