To My Boys Love Lovers…Here’s Why You Should Watch “Yuri!!! On Ice”

Here’s the rundown of Yuri!!! On Ice. It’s about pro figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, who carries a defeated personality but strong determination. Recently, he came in last place during the season’s finals taking a huge toll on his self-worth. Now out-of-shape and doubting himself after that public loss, he refuses to take part in next year’s skating season (which as a pro skater is a BIG DEAL). That is until his figure skating idol, Victor Nikiforov, becomes inspired to be Yuri’s coach for the upcoming season flying from Russia all the way to Japan unexpected and butt-naked at Yuri’s home. I know that last sentenced sounded crazy but…you just gotta watch it. After this, the story takes off and you see a turning point for both characters revealing episodes where you literally feel 15+ emotions in one episode.

Your heartstrings will be pulled. Your sexual organs may turn on a little bit considering some of the scenes between Yuri and Victor are pretty steamy. And you’ll probably feel Victor is even coaching you on how to gain confidence in what you do.

Other than that, here are a few other reasons you should watch the show!

1. It’s F*cking Cute

From Yuri and Victor’s relationship to the themes of friendship to believing in love (yep, quoted Cher), you cannot deny this show is really adorable and heartwarming.

Because of Victor, Yuri learns how to find confidence within himself, he remembers why he loves skating and why he doesn’t want to give it up, AND… he learns how to tap into that sex appeal which is something we will talk about later in the post. There’s a moment in the season when Yuri realized he wants to continue skating because of Victor. This is so he can make his idol-turned- coach- turned- fiance (yeah… I said it) proud! And he even named the theme of his program love as inspiration from the love he grew for Victor and how it made him a stronger. Leaving the statement we all could agree on: Love heals.

2. There Some Fine Ass Skaters…

So we know in anime, everyone is cute and every male character is shredded even when they perform no kind of physical activity, however, these characters are all professional skaters who go through intense daily workouts so they’re bound to be hot. And they are.

There’s too much hotness for me to go into detail but I’ll try to go over the main ones.

Charming right?

Yuri- He’s the main character of this story who has adorable boyish features when you first see him but learns how to tap into his sexual prowess while performing his 1st set “On Love (Eros)”. Which, if I may add, is pretty sexy and surprises everyone. Even Victor. Everyone in the audience even comments that this a side of Yuri they have never seen before. With countless seductive maneuvers and Yuri consistently caressing his whole body during the performance, our boyish and geeky Yuri really turns on the heat. He also develops a pretty chiseled physique after his intense workout with Victor that adds to the sex appeal.

Victor- I mean…the picture should tell you everything.

Ice skating legend, flamboyant mannerisms, but charming as ever, Victor is the epidemy of “if looks could kill”. He has a very elegant posture and a genitalia-exploding-body that we got a full glance of in episode one when he proposes to Yuri to be his coach. He also wastes no time when it comes to flirting with Yuri. It’s insane how confident he is, and we all now confident is sexy.

Christophe- Probably the most flamboyant and sexual character in the series, our Swiss skater, Christophe, amps up the seduction for the show. Like not even joking, throughout his performances he talks about how sexy he is and how he’s going to “climax” just from his own performances. Some people would refer to him as the “token gay boy” of the show, but let’s be honest here, everyone in this show is hella gay.

Here’s a little peek of his performance.

3. The Stellar Skating

The creators of this anime did a really great job of making ice skating entertaining and pretty informative for people who have never shown interest in the sport. Yes, some of the moves these skaters pull are exaggerated and would put most real-life skaters in the hospital, but nonetheless, it is still poignant and entertaining. Also very informative. The names of the techniques performed by the skaters and the scoring were overall pretty accurate.

This attention to detail also results in great accurate figure skating costumes, on-point music, and head on depictions of competition arenas – earning a good following from professional figure skaters like retired Olympian Stephane Lambiel and his student Dennis Vasilijevs, Russian juggernaut Evgeni Plushenko, and Filipino Champion Michael Martinez.

Final Objective- Yuri!!! On Ice is a pretty solid show that dominated 2016 as the sports anime dark horse with its moving themes of love for thyself, love for others, and striving for what you love even when you fall. Because you never fail. You just learn one more way that doesn’t work so maybe you need to change how you go about your objective. And for Yuri, he needed to change how he saw himself and look deeper into his reason for skating.

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