I Can’t Even…with Dakaichi: I’m Being Harrassed By The Sexiest Man of the Year

*Warning: Funny but excessive rant to appear. Hope you enjoy.*

So…I am livid! I’m not the one to jump into anime reviews like this without going through episodes 1, 2, 3, etc…but I need to talk about my reservations with this plot. Don’t get me wrong! The show is FUCKING cute and has a pretty solid story, but I’m pissed at one of the characters! But before I go there, I will give you a quick rundown on this show.


This story takes place in modern day Japan and follows the story of veteran actor, Takato Saijo, who has held the title for “Sexiest Man of the Year” for five years straight. (I mean from the picture above, he is pretty charming, I’d say.) However, recently he lost his title to an up and coming actor named Junta Azumaya who, if you look at the picture below, is very sexy and has abs that grate cheese. Sooner than later, the great Takato finds himself working a supporting role in a hit daytime series alongside the lead who is none other than the blooming Junta. At first, Takato was raging jealous that he had to lose his spotlight to a newbie, however, the charismatic Junta worked his way into Takato’s heart not only earning Takato’s respect as an actor but earned a night in bed with him.

Series Highlights

*Section may contain spoilers.

Money Can Buy You Anything! Takato finds himself forced to spend time with the new kid on the block to give him a few pointers on acting, however, because Takato is so full of himself, he gets shitfaced wasted and confesses his aggregation in a drunk slur, blacks out, and wakes up naked in Junta’s bed. Yeah, I know. You may have saw that coming, but what you don’t see coming is the blackmail our angel faced Junta decides to pull recording Takato accepting 1,000 yen from Azumaya to do whatever he says.

That Escalated Quickly. Our innocent Junta, who appears with angel wings and feathers as special effects, goes from Prince Charming to “I’ve been horny for you so I’m using blackmail to fuck you,” in literally 10 minutes. Like shit goes down real quick. Pushing Takato on the bed demanding to have sex in this insatiable charming way. Chases him down and forces kisses on him. However, throughout the series, Junta’s obsession with having sex with Takato is very justified especially in episode 9 when Junta reveals his long standing crush for Takato.

He likes it. Takato is the kind of person who does not like showing vulnerability. He is a great actor and very intelligent man but he finds it pitiful to show feelings of love for Junta. That’s what he struggles with so much throughout the show: Letting go of his pride to just enjoy the present. Yes, Junta is a horny angel. Yes, he’s always “kidnapping” Takato after rehearsal to take him to his apartment. But Takato never stops Junta from doing these acts. When you see their bedroom scenes, he deeply enjoys and craves Junta. He wants more. His red face and blushing body tell you that. He even confesses to Junta that he wants to move in together (Of course, in the very Takato-like nonvulnerable manner). We even get to hear his thoughts on how excited he gets when he sees Junta and how he wants to confess his love for him but doesn’t know how thanks to his ego and his soul depriving work ethic

Steamy Bedroom Scenes… So…they’re hot! There aren’t any (too) graphic details. Because this isn’t the kind of BL/Yaoi where we see the pelvic action (sadly) but the scenes are very suggestive and romantic. The scene I still can’t get passed is when Junta covers Takato’s entire body in honey on his living room couch…Talk about some hot stuff baby this evening! I was really hoping for Donna Summer to play at that moment.

Character Introductions. It’s pretty funny to see how the animators introduce new characters by displaying their name and occupation (i.e. Manager for Goya Agency) along with bishie-sparkle effects. And let’s not forget that Junta appears on the screen with sparkles, innocent eyes, and angel wings on his back EVERY time he does something cute. Even when he leaves the scene after being cute, feathers fall off his wings and they still float around in the scene he just left!

Trouble In Paradise. Our sexy couple run into issues when a tabloid photographer begins to stalk them hunting for that perfect picture of them to sell to tabloids. He achieves his goal when he snaps a shot of Takato being embraced by Junta. This causes a problem for the current daytime series they are working on together because apparently if you are seen in the tabloids then you’re career has been tainted. So Takato gets booted off the show to not give the rest of the production a “bad rep”.

We’re Breaking Up?! Okay, now I can express my anger. Just saw episode 11…and Takato decides to break up with Junta because he thinks it’s going to cause problems with their careers and he still hasn’t mustered up the balls to say, “Hey Junta, I actually love you.” So the two split. Junta was not happy. But now we see Junta is putting the moves on Yurie Kurokawa who is the lead actress of the daytime TV series Takato got booted off. A week later, the two of them are wearing matching rings and there is an article stating “Yurie Kurokawa with the Sexiest Man of the Year.” Now, we have Takato saying that he was an idiot for letting Junta go and that he regrets it.


Um, excuse me?! I’m just hoping this is a plan Junta devised to lure the public’s attention away from Takato and him elsewhere. That way Takato and Junta can have their privacy back and still be in love. If this is not the case, I’m ready to raise Hell! 1.) Raise hell at Takato for being so prideful that he refuses to not express his feelings for Junta and not experience joy like everyone said to do. 2.) Raise hell at Junta for pulling a stunt like that. One that disrespects Takato, uses Yurie as a rebound, and makes Takato look like he was that easy to get over. If this happened to me, I would call the cops on myself. You better come and get me before this man loses a house!

Rant over. Back to blog.

That’s all I have for now. I do suggest you check out this show especially if you are a lover of BL or Yaoi. It has a pretty decent storyline, some hella steamy bedroom scenes, and even some moments where you’re like, “Damn, that’s so sweet!” The final episode is drawing near, so expect a post on that.

Follow me to stay updated when I post the final review on Dakaichi with the ending, my final thoughts, and if I raged at my TV screen from the last episode. If you enjoyed reading this post, give it a like and let me know if you want more anime episode reviews. Feedback is always welcomed, just don’t be a dick. I also love responding to comments and connecting to other weebs out there and getting to know you all!

Have a good day! And catch you next time!

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