Anime to Watch If You Like Tokyo Ghoul

Action, suspense, crime, kill or be killed. If you’re a fan of this bloody anime, I have a few other shows you NEED to check out. And trust me, they are just as dark and complex as Tokyo Ghoul (Before Re)

Elfen Lied

This story revolves around the interactions, views, and discrimination between Humans and Ghou– I mean Diclonius (which are a mutant species that resemble humans however may have cat-like ear horns and transparent arms known as “vectors” that slice through objects or tear off a human head in two seconds flat).

Fair warning the opening sequence of the first episode extremely graphic and probably one of the goriest and unsettling scenes throughout out mainstream anime, but the story isn’t too bad. It has a great plot with a great takeoff, but some episodes lack the luster of others.

Why Would I Like It? This particular anime shares a lot of the same themes as Tokyo Ghoul. From the discrimination between Humans and a Supernatural species, the Supernatural species having mutated arms that can rip a person in half (much like the ghouls’ kagune), to the brutality and violence you see in this show. It will leave you thinking of the bigger question, “Who is ACTUALLY in the right?”

Ajin: Demi-Human

For one of Netflix’s first anime to come out, it was actually pretty solid. It’s entitled Ajin for the namesake of the mysterious immortal humans discovered about seventeen years ago in Africa. Once discovered, they were labeled as a threat to mankind because of their supernatural power to summon a large, opaque figure with sharp talons from their bodies and their immortality. You see why I put it on the list? Only 47 Ajin have been discovered throughout the past few decades and there is no way of knowing who’s an Ajin unless the person were to die and be revived back with supernatural powers.

This anime follows the story of a high school student, Kei Nagai, who is studying to become a doctor. When other students were learning about the dangers of Ajin, his nose was either in the books or in the clouds. He never really thought the information would be relevant to him until, one day, he survives an accident that would kill any normal person…but it turns out he’s not so normal. He comes back to life to discover he is an Ajin.

From then on, his world was completely turned upside down with his parents disowning him, authorities constantly chasing after him, and the Japanese government wanting to experiment on him. However, while on the run, he realizes is not alone. That more of his species may be closer than he thinks.

Why Would I Like It? Again, if you like the concept of humans and the supernatural coexisting in one society where the humans kill the supernatural out of fear and the supernatural kill humans either because they can or to defend themselves creating the question, “Who is ACTUALLY right?”, then I’m pretty sure you’ll find this entertaining.

Psycho Pass

Next on the list is a personal favorite of mine, Psycho Pass. No, there aren’t ghouls/another species that resembles humans in this anime but what these two share in common is the dark, complex world they take place in.

Psycho Pass explores the futuristic society of Tokyo when a person’s state of mind and likelihood of committing a crime can be measured via cymatic scan through a gun called a DOMINATOR only wielded by the authorities. This measurement is called a Crime Coefficient, or commonly known as Psycho Pass. Once a person’s crime coefficient exceeds a certain level, the DOMINATOR can either temporary paralyze the criminal or obliterate them with a blast on the spot. It follows the story of a team of investigators tracking down a criminal mastermind named Makashima who aims in bringing down the Sybil System (the system of the government in charge of judging a person’s psycho pass). He commits countless acts prolific crimes but is persistently assessed with having a low crime coefficient, thus avoiding the DOMINATOR shots.

So here we are again… someone labeled as a criminal trying to bring down a corrupt government through violent crimes that he believes a necessary to end this dystopia. Who is actually in the right? Who is actually wrong? Just like Tokyo Ghoul, this anime leaves us with the question: What is justice?

This person who could just be born of mental illness is going to be killed on the spot because of that illness whereas this criminal with no mental illness can walk away freely or be just paralyzed? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of corrupt cases. There are even free murderers who kill innocent people but because of a specific genetic defect, their psycho passes are at a record low, thus, avoiding DOMINATOR shots.


Ah Parasyte. A story about aliens invading the Earth…

Actually, this anime is not that typical. Although it does deal with small larva like aliens called Parasytes landing on Earth, the story goes even farther as these Parasytes must invade and take over a human host to survive. Causing the human to pretty much die so they can take over their brain and have full autonomy over their body. This allows them to manipulate the human body and morph their heads into razor sharp blades that unravel like yarn or large grotesque mouths they eat human heads whole…you know…killing devices.

The story of this anime follows our protagonist, Izumi Shinchi, who has a geeky, cute, Yuri from Yuri on Ice personality that, one day, had a Parasyte attempt to take over his brain, but Shinchi was able to prevent that from happening with the use of quick thinking and earphones. However, the Parasyte instead took over his right hand. As the story continues, the Parasyte in Shinchi’s hand become more intelligent every day eventually naming himself Migi. Shinchi and Migi learn that they have no choice but to learn how to live with each other and they end up becoming very resourceful to one another in their missions. Especially Shinchi, who is the only human who has complete control over his own brain allowing him to possibly be the only one who can end these grisly murders among humans.

Why Would I Like It? As we know, Tokyo Ghoul (Before Re) was known for its complex themes, its ability to put things into greater perspective, and its huge character development with Ken Kaneki. This anime does that as well. Shinichi, our loaner, weak Kaneki, has his body taken over by Migi, our beloved Miss Rize, giving him supernatural powers that all of a sudden change his life. We Shinichi change into a completely different and hotter character throughout the show. Much like our white haired Kaneki. However, with this revered strength and perspective, he begins to lose his own humanity much like our Kaneki throughout the Root A season of Tokyo Ghoul (Not Re). This anime also brings the theme of survival to the table as well. As the humans are trying to survive these brutal murders from the Parasytes, you got to think, the Parasytes are sent to Earth and will die if not taking over a host. This is in their nature.

Honorable Mentions

Death Note

Hellsing/ Hellsing: Ultimate

Akame Ga Kill

If you enjoyed this list, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and comment below some of your anime you’d recommend for this list. See ya next time!

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