7 Most Badass Women of Anime

This one is for the ladies of anime who confronted Death, looked it in the eye, and said F*CK YOU to its face. Not only have these women taught me how to kick some ass but also how to look good while doing it.

WARNING: This post may contain spoilers. Wouldn’t want to ruin a show for you.

Let’s get it started!

Homura Akemi – Madoka Magica

Yes, she’s cute, she’s in the middle school, and even has the title of “Magical Girl” but if you know this show, you know all of that means nothing in terms of how dark and twisted this show can get.

Homura is a true heroine. She has confronted Death and looked it in the eye consistently with her time travel abilities hoping to eventually prevent the world from mass destruction. Eventually, seeing so much death in so many alternating ways, she distances her emotions and learns that her mission is no laughing matter and must do what it takes to not only save the world but save her friend.


Lady Tsunade – Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Scorned by a broken past that made her lose her lover, a personality that always puts others first before herself even though that tough exterior doesn’t show it, and strength greater than a hundred men when channeled, the Fifth Hokage, comes spiraling in on this list.

The most respectable aspect about Lady Tsunade is that she shows a rock hard, and sometimes tipsy, exterior but at the end of the day she will lay down her life for her people AND WILL NOT leave any man behind!

She had plenty of BADASS moments however since the show was so vast I honestly couldn’t narrow them down.

Mikasa Ackermann – Attack on Titan

Slashing through Titans, intense glares, coming to her Eren Yeager’s rescue whenever he needs it, you guessed it…Mikasa Ackermann earns a spot on this list. Her strength not only comes from her prowess but also from her devotion to Eren. We all know if anyone lays a hand on Eren, Mikasa will be the first one to cut them down. Literally… more than likely an ODM sword to the jugular.

The relationship between her and Eren Yeager is very complex but you can’t deny that is heartfelt. Where you have Mikasa, who is practically Eren’s sister (taken into their family and raised under the same roof) that undoubtedly has intimate feelings for Eren (being the first person who gave her hope and taught her how to survive). Eren was the one who saved her life from a group of men who brutally murdered her parents right before her eyes. At that moment, Eren urged Mikasa to fight in order to survive. We then see that she is taken into the Yeager family and from there becomes closer and closer to Eren throughout the years. She even wears the red scarf he gave her when they first met, holding onto it as a source of strength and comfort. Other than the vast amount of Eren x Mikasa fanfic and hentai out there, the creators do show Mikasa blushing when someone refers to the two of them as lovers in the series. At the end of the day, her love for Eren is the source of her power, and it’s what makes her the strong, independent, woman she is!


What allows you to be a badass isn’t just your fighting abilities or how well you slash through titans, but it’s mainly your character. How you present yourself. Are you afraid to speak your mind and take what you want? This scene below really highlights Mikasa’s power, respect for her fellow comrades, and her sense of justice. And after seeing this scene you can’t help but to want more of her…or probably wife her up.

General Olivier Mira Armstrong – Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Okay, so anytime you’ve worked your way up to being ranked General in the military, stationed in a base whose steel wall protects the country from enemy invasions located in the tundra miles away from civilization…AND YOU’RE A WOMAN….you deserve the title of Badass! And the title of Briggs General, which is what Miss Olivier Mira Armstrong holds without fail.

With hundreds of men ready to follow her every move without once questioning her authority shows how much respect her men have for her. Listen, we all know it’s hard for a woman to be seen as a figure of authority, let alone a woman in the military (a place plagued with buff men with their heads in their crotch). So you gotta give my girl mad props for what she has accomplished. There are plenty of other men in the Northern Wall that are much larger and more menacing than her, Buccaneer for example, and they know they are but you do not see them challenging General Armstrong. If they did, they would probably be hanging from a wall somewhere.


Sacrificing the lives of the innocent to cheat Death… not a play in this General’s books. The duty of the military once sworn in is to serve and protect. Those who serve themselves have no place in the high ranks of the military. General Armstrong has no shame in reminding this corrupt military officer about that vow.

Sir Integra Hellsing – Hellsing/Hellsing: Ultimate

Leader of a family organization pledged to protect England and Her Majesty from carnivorous supernatural creatures, ghouls, and vampires, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing is at your service. Though she doesn’t have the power to summon familiars and unleash an army of the undead like her vampire king, Alucard, the sharpshooting abilities like her newly recruited vampire Seras, or even the sharp monofilament steel wires her butler Walter has embedded in his gloves, she is not going down without a fight.

Throughout the anime, you see Integra as a woman with steel armor but a surprisingly soft heart. Seeing her men turned into ghouls right before her eyes and having to put them all down, can definitely take a toll on the heart strings. And she often struggled with the concept of survival holding on to the fact that these men who have been sent to kill the Hellsing organization probably have sons, daughters, and wives at home and are probably innocent. However, she is quickly reminded by Alucard of the reality that this is war. Everyone is innocent but what matters most is survival. Once, she grasps that perspective, she becomes an unstoppable leader giving Alucard her famous command, “Search and destroy!”


When an army of the undead chase you down and back you into a corner, what would you do? Cry? Run? Not Integra Hellsing! She sets the bar high in this clip for showing no fear. She holds her sword up to the undead stating, in quote, “You pathetic monsters disgust me. Come on! Let’s have it!” Hands down! Role Model! Watch below.

*The clip for this scene has been deleted on YouTube, in the meantime, I provided the link to the full episode.  Skip to 26:55 for Integra’s badass scene.


Izumi Curtis – Full Metal Alchemist/ Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Yes, another FMA character makes her way onto the list. We all love her, probably fear her, and know her as “… A HOUSEWIFE!”, Izumi Curtis takes this list by storm. Where can I start? She was the Elric brothers’ teacher in alchemy, she survived months in the icy tundra of the Briggs military base by herself, stopped a wave from flooding a nearby village, roundhouse kicked Greed (whose skin was made of Graphene) in the face when no one else could lay a finger on him, consistently dealt with internal bleeding and vomiting blood with every use of alchemy from loss of organs, rescued the Armstrongs (THE ARMSTRONGS) from Sloth, and leaving the Elric brothers on an island to fend for themselves to teach them probably the anime’s most important moral…do I really need to say anything else?

*Mic Drop*


Okay, she’s had a lot. But I think this one takes the cake.

Saber – Fate/Zero

Altria Pendragon, otherwise known as the legendary King Arthur, was reincarnated in the Fate series as the Saber class warrior, Saber. Despite her soft appeal and short stature (5 feet tall to be exact), this diva can pack a major punch. She has the highest mana supply out of all the other servants in the series and is probably the most respectable and honorable character you can come across in an anime. She is a knight of loyalty and honor, which shows throughout during her battle with Lancer, her promise to her kingdom, and her devotion to Irisveil.

And let’s not forget…her noble phantasm. Though hidden in a misty fog form throughout the majority of the series to veil her true identity, Saber does eventually awaken her noble phantasm in the epic battle with Caster. Before we get into that, let’s talk about how this girl has had a binding placed on her by another servant in the show that prohibits her from using her right arm. She doesn’t tell ANYONE about the amount of power she ACTUALLY has if she could use her arm. You know…being all noble and modest. Then whenever her secret’s out, everyone is like, “You mean you can defeat him if you had use of your right arm?” She’s like, “Yes I can. Now, watch me do it!” Unveiling her true identity as King Arthur and her noble phantasm as the legendary sword, Excalibur. And with one swing of the sword…SHE LITERALLY SLAYS!


Just watch below.

Honorable Mentions

Motoko Kusanagi – Ghost in the Shell

Seras Victoria – Hellsing/ Hellsing Ultimate

Touka Kirishima — Tokyo Ghoul

Rize Kamishiro – Tokyo Ghoul (reason to be expressed in a later blog)

Revy – Black Lagoon (Haven’t seen this show. But will be on the Pt. II list)

Riza Hawkeye – Full Metal Alchemist/ Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Clare – Claymore (Also may be on Pt. II list)

Minene Uryu – Future Diary

Morgiana – Magi

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  1. Yomu says:

    Great list!
    There’ll always be a soft spot in my heart for Homura, the other women are great too though!

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    1. Niklas says:

      Thanks Yomu! Homura is definitely a character we can sympathize with.

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